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Gambling as a Business – Loss of Control and Billions of Profit

The gambling industry is a billion-dollar business for providers. Much of the turnover is made in the unregulated area. The players bear the risk.

After 23 years as a player, Volker Brümmer stood on the tracks, the farewell letters were written. “I didn’t just gamble away money, but all social contacts – almost my life in the end.” At the low point of his player biography, with 300,000 euros in debt, the tiler changed his mind. Today the 50-year-old is dry, as he calls it. And talks openly about his past.

Brümmer is still a child when he first plays. At a rest area, he throws Grandma’s pocket money into a machine. The two marks never came out. “It was the first time I lied to my parents about playing.” Years later he will tell stories to bank employees – and also empty his daughter’s savings book.

Pathological Gamblers

Studies state that denying on the subject of gambling is a characteristic of gambling addicts. In respect to estimations, there are 200,000 pathological gamblers in Germany and roughly, there are around 300,000 problematic players.

77% of gamblers who go to outpatient therapies or treatment centers gamble on machines. This emerges from the 2017 addiction help statistics of the Institute for Therapy Research.

The truthful threshold of unlawful gambling

“Once a month, that’s where it started,” says Brümmer. “In the end, I played on 20 machines at the same time in arcades. The loss of control is limitless.” Brümmer plays the last three years of addiction from home, on the Internet. “Open 24 hours 365 days a year – a paradise for every player.”

Casinos and Poker online (Situs Judi Online) are part of the non-regulated gambling sector. This includes gambling deals that often have no license. A lot of it really is tolerated.

The unregulated market is booming

Out of the billions of income (roughly 14.2 billion euros) made by gambling companies in 2017, 22 percent comes from the non-regulated and this includes sports betting online. The statistics were provided by the twelve-monthly statement of the national gaming bodies. The legal sector grew only by 1 % compared to the previous year (157 million), the non-regulated sector has grown by 24 % (626 million).

The government is presently discussing a change in Gambling laws. The launch of the sports betting sector is on the way. On the other hand, gambling online will remain restricted.

Protection of players through personnel and new measures

Georg Stecker, the spokesman for the board of the German Automata Industry (DAW), is in favor of a countrywide biometric access program. According to the association, around 278,000 cash-operated play equipment is installed nationwide – 82,000 of which are not in arcades, but in catering establishments.

According to gambling researcher Becker, there is no survey of how much revenue is due to gambling addicts. Brümmer sometimes gambled thousands of euros in one night. He needed 18 months of therapy. So far, he has managed eleven years without a relapse. This is not a matter of course, as he knows from many stories. The 50-year-old is now leading a self-help group for players.

Online Casinos: How it Operate and Lives in this Modern World?

Among the well-loved benefits of consumers have for online businesses is the fact that they have less overhead compared to brick-and-mortar stores. This in return has a significant impact on their revenue and thus, be able to pass on the savings made to clients. Online business does not have to hire plenty of staffs to keep it operational, rent out premises while avoiding the costs associated with insurance and utilities.

But how things are when it comes to online casino such as Dewa898. Such business requires decent investment in an effort for it to run 24/7. Let us take a closer look.


The thing with online casinos compared to its land-based counterparts is that, they need less staffing with regards to waiters and bar tenders. Still though, they have to pay for a humongous team in keeping things in order. This includes the following people:

  • Customer service representatives to assist client issues
  • Technical support who works 24/7 to ensure that there’s no hiccup in the site’s operation
  • Managers to keep things in place


Let us face the fact that the world we live in now is fierce and so competitive. This is the exact same reason why online casinos pour serious sum of money in getting the best people to do the marketing on their behalf and promote their site to get more customers. Easily, this is one of the largest expenses that an online casino can ever have.

Server and Domain

Any businesses that are operating in the online realm need hosting or server and this too comes with a price. With the amount of data that a business like this needs, most likely buys their own server instead of renting space using a 3rd party service. This additionally incurs costs on a monthly basis. Of course, the more people signs up and play on their website, the more server space will be consumed.

Financial Fees

With the amount of money that is changing hands in the casino along with the big volume they make on a daily basis, they’ll incur several costs from various financial institutions to make sure that their finance is properly managed.

In addition to that, online casinos need to pay for the currency charges if they have accepted multiple currencies. Moreover, they need to pay for the costs associated to insurance to keep their money secure and safe.

On top of all that, online casinos are expected to pay hefty amount of fee on accountants and lawyers to guarantee that they’re doing everything in line with the law and also, in line with the legal changes happening and will happen.

Looking For The Perfect Casino Like The Agua Caliente Casino Resort

best reputable casinoThe Agua Caliente Casino Resort has received a great deal of positive reviews. They are situated in a very convenient location with a sizable gambling floor where you get the play numerous table games and slot machines. Not only do they provide fun in their gambling floor, but also have a full-service spa where you could treat and spoil yourself, excellent entertainment in awesome entertainment venues, mouthwatering dishes as well as a friendly and accommodating service.

Such facilities and services are the reason why many people are drawn to land based casinos like the Agua Caliente Casino Resort, which is a great and significant thing not only for the business but also for the overall gambling and gaming industry.

Looking for the Best Casino

Although there is an increase in the use of online gambling sites, many still opt to visit a land base casino for the real deal. However, with so many casino to choose from, you may have a difficult time looking for the right one for you to have a great overall experience and get your money’s worth. To help in your search, below are some tips to consider and assist you in choosing the right and best land based casino.

search for the best casinoFacilities and Services Provided

Everybody wants the best and most excellent services, however not all casinos provide such outstanding service. Since the internet is now a great source of information, you could use it to search and know what facilities and services a certain casino provides.

Games Offered

Land based casinos include various kinds of casino games. But, casinos, whether land based or online,  aren’t able to offer every kind of games. So, know which types of games are available and offered by the casino of your choice. Check out the casino’s portfolio. If it doesn’t have the kind of game you are looking for, you might want to consider another venue, or look into the facilities and services of that casino which are worthwhile even if it doesn’t offer the game you desire.


Look for reputable casinos. Clearly, casinos with a good reputation also have a good level of reputation in the market. This is principally based on the services provided and offered.

Look into Reviews

In today’s modern age, many rely on reviews to get a good overall idea on how great a product, a service or an establishment is. They are becoming more relevant and are a great source of information. However, make certain your source is genuine.

The Risk With Gambling and Business

Risk and gamble seem to be the same thing. In fact, in the business world, a risk is defined as the contrast of gambling. Meanwhile, gambling depends on chance, whether it is a calculated one.

The difference between gambling and business risk

In the succeeding paragraphs, the two words are clearly defined to be able to have a precise understanding of the difference between these two concepts.


Gambling means pursuing any effort of an opportunity for a wager. Moreover, it is also defined as something to venture money on a result coming from a pure chance.

Business risk

On the other hand, business risk is the opportunity of a company that will create profits which is generally lower than what is expected. The risk in business may also mean a total or complete loss. Furthermore, this type of risk is inevitable by several factors.

Factors that may change or influence the risk of business include the economic climate, competitions, and others. Knowing this, we may say that both gambling and business risk are generally similar, yet they are really not.

There are a number of similarities when it comes to the definition of these two terms. However, various differences are also available to separate them.

The Free Slot Games in Canada as an Example

The Royal Vegas online casino is the current biggest online slots site located in Canada. Similar to Sand Casino Gazhua that can be found in 예스카지노, Royal Vegas offers a huge range of online games. Online slots and other types of casino games are included in the said games.


When it comes to business, gambling is defined as something to put on an idea, and knowing everything will turn out well. The worst thing about it is deciding to gamble because it is done by others. This simply means that gambling is a total risky kind of business that gets along with longer probabilities.


Further, taking the business side again, the absolute risk is categorized as an entrepreneurialism type. Entrepreneurship is organizing and managing an enterprise. Moreover, entrepreneurs handle their own fate which they call “shots”. 


Prior to taking a risk, entrepreneurs will confine all the facts and analyze everything from various points of view. Aside from the traits that entrepreneurs and gamblers share, both the entrepreneur and gambler consider that there are really no assurances in life regardless of the number of precautions one can acquire. The chance of failure is still high and this is true when it comes to both business risk and gambling

Advantages of Playing Poker QQ online

basically transforming a lot of players from all over the world.

Imagine where they can no longer travel to a place or two to compete with rivals because finally, they can now do it online. They can compete with the experts, the beginners, the novice, and even those who are just curious to try.


Which in fact, being “just curious” is not a thing when it comes to playing in a real casino. There are also no bonus games that allow you to win real cash and jackpots. While online, they have… and actually more than just that.


What are those advantages and benefits? Keep on reading for more…

The Amazing Advantages of Poker QQ

Number one- poker can extremely save you money. I mean, a lot of good value money. Unlike in a live casino, where you only stop when your cash and bankrolls run out. In an online casino, it helps you take in control of your cash and money. And even, it lets you save money and use it as an income too. This is because of a lot of bonuses game you can play online.


It also gives you the benefit of no longer having to wait for other players to finish, or wait for a playing table to finish. Through online, you will just be in the queue for a couple of minutes then for the next minute, you are on your game.


And more importantly, because online casinos are way more convenient than those of live casinos or actual casinos. On online, you can play your games and enroll in tournaments any time of the day and anywhere, everywhere you wanted. Whether you want to play poker qq in your bedroom with your pajamas or feel fancy on your comfortable sofa with wine or in your workplace during your break time.


Unlike in an actual casino, online casino or gambling does not require you to make hassle efforts just so you and your friends or rivals can play. Online makes it easier and convenient for you.

Before Deciding to Play in Online Casinos

Are you into online gambling and happens to live in the US? Assuming that you are living in a state where it is legal, then you’ll get protection via your individual state. You can also be protected on federal level. Arguably, laws similar to the UIGEA are designed to provide protection among consumers from issues including but not limited to:

  • Money laundering
  • Theft
  • Terrorism

It’s what Rules are for

This is because of the reason that if you wish to become an operator in US, you ought to pass strict restrictions and of course, follow the law set by your state. So to give you an example, there are tasks or rules that operators have to finish similar to:

  1. Operators must possess geo-target technology. This is to ensure that only customers within the territory of their state could play at their website.
  2. They have to offer an option for self-exclusion so players may take cooling off period or stop playing if they seem to have gambling issue.
  3. Provide controls so players may put a limit onto themselves and prevent them from spending too much.
  4. At the same time, operators should pay for a license to operate and other related fees.
  5. Gambling sites have to verify players to be of legal age and has to have a tried and tested software.

Well basically, there are many other rules that come with this. But all of which are designed in eliminating rogue operators.

If you are planning to play in America, then make everything easier for yourself by joining in gambling sites that are approved by US. Else, you will have to solely rely on what online casinos have to offer.

This is how Online Casinos should React

The online casinos itself would be your last defense against hackers, scam artists and crooks. If you make your choices smartly, then the casino will do anything and everything to protect you from the said entities. There are several strategies that these sites are using to ensure a fair and secure game to its clients.

Under no circumstances will the online casino site allows you to play. This is regardless of how much emails you send to them or how much you beg or try to persuade them. Once a decision has been concluded, consider it final. Speaking of decisions, once you are banned, online casinos such as Sbobet will be removing you from their marketing lists. While others, particularly those operating in US would exclude you from the list.

Finding the Best Online Poker Site

Do you wanted to find the best situs poker online?

Since the online gambling trend boom in the web, online casino and playing online poker has become a real thing for most players. Gone are the days when people look for a nearby local casino to play, or call a couple of friends to team and play with. Because finally, they can now experience a real casino game online.

The best online poker sites are not that many. You have to make sure that when you check in a site, they will ensure and guarantee that you’re playing a game that’s reliable and can be trusted.

There are a lot of characteristics you have to consider in choosing a legit poker online, here are some aspects you have to take into account.


Make sure that you thoroughly check the background of the site. Look on the complete data of the site including the recent feedbacks from their players. Or reviews. You can also get some results on Google, there will be some articles reviewing the sites.

It’s important that you consider checking their background to make sure that the site is reliable in giving you your prizes and can be trusted in holding your money.

2. Check the bonus game

The most online casino has a bonus game. Wherein you can play for free as a trial for a certain game. If you win, you can use winning tokens to apply for a real game without withdrawing cash. That must be an indicator that they are reliable in giving real cash prizes and jackpots. 

3. The security

Every player must be safely secured. A reliable site has a strong security system where they will keep important information secured. Also, your bank accounts and money that you have a deposit. 


Traits That Entrepreneurs And Gamblers Share

Entrepreneurs gained their riches through their thriving businesses, whereas there are those who earned their wealth through professional gambling. As both seem to share several traits that brought them success, this have led to many comparing entrepreneurs and gamblers.

For instance, Joker123 is an online gambling game that offer outstanding opportunities to individuals in search of huge wins as well as profits. It is regarded as one of the top casino games online. Just like any other casino games, players have to learn and understand the rules of the game in order better play it and win. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, before playing their cards in a business have to learn and understand everything about it as well to be successful.

Come to think of it, successful business people and leading card players actually have so much in common. Both are risk-takers, make bluffs as well as take into account the timing of each move that they make to guarantee success.

Risk Takers

One trait that both entrepreneurs and gamblers share that is quite evident is their readiness to take on risks. But, the manner on how you perceive the risk creates the difference. Both could take any amount of risk to hopefully gain something out of it.

Entrepreneurs bet on their capabilities, on their capacity to figure out the market and deliver goods and/or services that will surely sell. Business is a gamble. If they succeed, they look for more ways to expand and remain successful. If they fail, they look for other ways that would hopefully lead them to success.

Gamblers risk money depending on the action of others or the outcome of something. For instance, a gambler may wager on sporting events based on a team’s win-loss statistics. Poker players have to learn to read their adversaries for them to recognize bluffs and make the right moves.

Knowledge and Experience

Successful gamblers and businesspersons are good researchers. Although the phrase is overused, successful entrepreneurs and gamblers did do their research and have plenty of experience to be successful.

When starting a business, entrepreneurs have to hit the books to learn everything about the business, study strategies and apply them to test their effectivity. Any individual who would want to venture into a business and continue to be relevant in the market, one need to have correct and relevant info on the industry, investors, as well as on goods and services. With relevant knowledge, it would be easy for entrepreneurs to grab hold of potential customers, and ultimately success.

Gamblers, like entrepreneurs, also have to learn and understand how a game is played. When gambling, one does not only rely on luck. It is also imperative that gamblers learn effective strategies to win. Moreover, many successful gamblers have also experienced losses which they have learned from.

How The Gaming Industry Is Revolutionizing Bingo Games

Gaming bingo has been entertaining people since 1929. Bingo has become popularized by travel salespeople who applied it in the game ‘Beano’, where beans were used to cover the numbers on the card. As we enter the era of the internet, Bingo is now also made available online much like other gambling sites like casinos and sports betting.

These online games are also made available to many countries and encouraged membership from many participants. In Korea, a favorite place for casino goers is 1xbet. Check out 1xbet membership for more information. 

Bingo Gaming Online

In traditional bingo, announcers call out letters and number combinations in open halls. When you fill 5 consecutive squares on a 5×5 grid card, the player calls out ‘Bingo’. Many companies have brought Bingo to an online platform. In addition to providing an online gaming platform and relevant information has also spread throughout the internet to educate readers. 

Here are insider secrets about how Bingo Companies made it successfully online

Attract the attention of first-time players online. It is important to attract the attention of first-time visitors. Carve out simple, short, and effective action request buttons. There are also bingo sites that offer no deposits so that the player will have a golden chance to win up to 900 points in the first 3 days. 

Limited time offers. Regardless of the business, offering a limited time offer gets a lot of favor in the market. It is more desirable if something comes out with a limited time offer. It attracts more customers through the door. It is also nice to offer seasonal benefits to members. 

Customer trust and business growth. Business growth is possible when there is customer trust. You cannot succeed without customer support. Trust the solid foundation of a successful business. You will have enough opportunities to build long-term relationships with trust. Without trust, you can’t stand up even in today’s competitive market. 

Take advantage of technological advances. Today, people access online information through their smartphones. And therefore, many companies who launched electronic Bingo offered eBingo mobile so that people don’t have to sit in narrow places to play the game. They have free access to bonuses and best gaming software on the go.

Overcome the negative image of gambling

It can be said that the traditional mindset of people with a customer base of 9,00,000+ or ​​more has been changed to online games. Companies in the gambling arena are not just there to make money although it’s quite obvious that it’s perhaps the goal of every business institution. But as more people have joined gambling online, these companies have also generously donated to several charities and support as many as research projects for the welfare of the people.

Much more, these gambling institutions also help in boosting the present economy. While these companies are aware of the negative effects of gambling, they too support institutions like GamCare which gives support and counseling to problem gamblers.


The Big Business Of Gambling Despite Laws That Governs It

Gambling is enjoying increasing popularity and income. Recently, “in” has also been particularly popular for placing bets on the Internet (see also The world’s leading online poker company “PartyGaming” will today go to the London Stock Exchange with 23 percent of its shares.

Economics of Gambling

Estimates of the price of these stocks fluctuate, but according to a Reuters report dated June 15, earnings of around $ 2.1 billion are expected. This amount is lower than originally thought due to concerns about the legality of online gaming in the United States. PartyGaming, founded in 1997, has up to 70,000 online customers at peak times and reported tax returns of $ 222 million in the first three months of this year. Operating profit was $ 128 million, 81 percent more than last year.

Gambling is currently experiencing a “boom” in general, and not just on the Internet. According to the June 4 Guardian, UK gaming industry sales rose to £ 78 billion ($ 141 billion) last year. Losses suffered by players also rose sharply last year to £ 78 billion ($ 141 billion), averaging around £ 400 ($ 727) per working person.

Italians are also becoming increasingly enthusiastic about gambling. The daily “La Stampa” reported on December 3, 2004, that the Italians were expected to have wagered € 23.1 billion in government-run games of chance by the end of the year – around $ 27.9 billion. These games of chance included a wide variety of lotteries, as well as football and horse betting. The amount corresponds to two percent of the gross domestic product. It has risen sharply in recent years. In 2000, bets would have been “only” 14.3 billion euros ($ 17.3 billion).

Gambling Benefits The Government

Governments are among the biggest beneficiaries of the gambling explosion. For example, in Canada, according to the January 6 Globe and Mail, government-sponsored gambling revenue in 2003 exceeded $ 11.8 billion ($ 9.5 billion). The revenue would have quadrupled in the past decade.

On June 15, London’s Telegraph reported that in the UK, lottery ticket sales were increasingly being used for “normal” government spending, rather than being “for a good cause” or cultural projects, as promised, when the lottery was set up just over 10 years ago. Last year, according to the Telegraph, a third of the government’s lottery revenue – over £ 430m ($ 782m) – was spent on ongoing health, education and environmental expenditures.

In the United States, governments in some states are increasingly dependent on gambling earnings, the New York Times reported on March 31. In Rhode Island, South Dakota, Louisiana, Oregon, and Nevada, income from a variety of forms of gaming accounted for more than 10 percent of all government revenue. Other states, such as Delaware, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa and Mississippi, are close to the 10 percent mark.

In South Dakota, where gambling income accounts for 13.2 percent of total federal income, lawmakers would cut applications for restrictions because it is difficult to find alternative sources of income.