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10 promising cleantech companies from Finland are taking part in the highly competitive Global Cleantech Later Stage Award, which will select winning companies from ten different categories. The winners of the competition will be announced on 31 October 2017 during Cleantech Venture Day, a cleantech investor event held in London.

The competition will be closely monitored by international investors, and it is organised by the leading Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), which will screen the 10 best companies among European, American and Asian companies. The Top 30 companies will be selected for the final competition. The competition is aimed at promising cleantech companies which have already shown their capabilities.

Emmi Kaipio, the CEO of Nordic Innovation Accelerator, responsible for co-ordinating the competition and the Cleantech Venture Day brand in Finland, is confident that the competition and the investment event will provide Finnish companies with an exceptional opportunity for networking with international partners and investors.

“This year, we have some very interesting cleantech SME candidates, which are expected to do well in the competition. The jury will assess the companies’ value creation and growth potential, which is compared with market and industry development,” Kaipio says. “The London event will be interesting in many respects for Finnish cleantech companies. It gives you an opportunity to meet several international investors who have come to the event specifically to look for investment opportunities.”

Altum Technologies, a Finnish company taking part in the competition, has developed a revolutionary ultrasonic system for cleaning industrial equipment and pipes. CEO Matias Tainela regards the Cleantech Venture Day event and competition, held in London for the first time, as an important opportunity for the company.

“Last year’s Cleantech Venture Day in Lahti, Finland was the starting point for a SEED funding cycle of over a million euros. This was a quality event, and it met our needs very well. I strongly believe that the London event will give us international exposure, allow us to meet with potential clients and investors and provide us with information about the latest trends in the cleantech industry. We will definitely take part in the London event, and hopefully you will see us in the finals of the competition as well.”


Finnish companies have been very successful in the competition in previous years, which means the candidates will attract special interest. The following cleantech companies from Finland qualified for the candidate list:

720 Degrees 

Altum Technologies


Eagle Filters 

Maas Global 


Solnet Green Energy 





Global Cleantech Later Stage Award website: www.globalcleantech.org


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