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Spengler Cup Davos: Make the world's oldest hockey tournament a CO2-free event

CO2-free events

We are looking for sustainable products and services to realize fully CO2-free events.

SPENGLER CUP DAVOS & NEXTGENERATIONS are looking for sustainable products and services to realize fully CO2-free events. 

Spengler Cup Davos is a renowned ice hockey tournament in Davos, Switzerland – the oldest club tournament in the world since 1923. NextGenerations works with Spengler Cup Davos to make it a fully CO2-free event. In addition, the objective is to leverage the implemented solutions and make further events fully CO2-free, in Switzerland and internationally.

We seek sustainable products and services to realize fully CO2-free events. We are looking for system solutions, which consist of a combination of different products/services. For example, we seek solutions in the following areas:

  • Location, venue, building (e.g. design, materials)
  • Energy, lighting, storage
  • Logistics, transportation and mobility
  • Waste management, recycling
  • Water, sanitation
  • Accommodation
  • Food, catering
  • Communication & event material
  • Exhibition, packaging
  • Entry control, ticketing
  • Security
  • Social responsibility
  • Impact measurement
  • ICT

Spengler Cup Davos will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. It is hosted by the Swiss hockey team HC Davos, and is held annually between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It is the second-largest sporting event in Switzerland with a budget of 11 million Swiss Francs in 2016.

Vision of the Swiss association NextGenerations is to make events fully CO2-free in Switzerland and worldwide, to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a healthy environment for future generations – called “enkeltauglich” in German (“suitable for grandchildren”).

The Spengler Cup Davos 2017 is the launch of NextGenerations, with the Quadrin building just outside the hockey arena (see pictures). The Quadrin is a two-story, modular, mobile, pre-fab, wooden exhibition building. On the second floor CO2-free event solutions will be showcased, both physically and virtually, in a warm, nature-oriented and inviting atmosphere. The solutions will be promoted with customized activities during the Spengler Cup Davos. This allows for exhibitors to engage with selected top-level Swiss and international decision makers from industry, finance, sports, education and policy. In 2016, the Spengler Cup had nearly 100’000 visitors – 68’686 spectators and additional 30’000 visitors of the Spengler Cup compound.

Evaluation criteria

  • CO2 mitigation (ideally CO2-free solution)
  • Maturity of the product or service
  • Creativity
  • Simplicity
  • Leverage potential to other events in Switzerland, and internationally

What we are not interested in

  • Carbon offset solutions, or other indirect CO2-free solutions
  • Solutions that are not directly linked to events

Benefit, why to propose your solution

  • New business partner: Spengler Cup Davos as potential customer for your product or service
  • Cross-Sales: Become an integrated product or service in a system solution offering for CO2-free events in Switzerland, and internationally, developed and promoted by NextGenerations
  • Exhibition space: Preferred access and participation in Quadrin, the physical showcase and expo pavilion at Spengler Cup Davos, December 26-31, 2017 (and/or following years)
  • Highest society contacts: Meet Swiss and international top-level decision makers, CEOs and opinion leaders from industry, finance, sports and policy in Davos
  • Promotion: Benefit from global Spengler Cup Davos exposure and marketing activities.

Time Schedule

Launch: October 25, 2017

1st Submission deadline: November 20, 2017 (solutions to be used/showcased at Spengler Cup 2017)

1st Evaluation phase: Until November 30, 2017

2nd Submission deadline: April 30, 2018 (solutions to be used/showcased at Spengler Cup 2018; integration in other events)

2nd Evaluation phase: Until June 30, 2018

Questions may be sent to Daniela Fischer before November 10, 2017.

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