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Smart Mobility Solutions for Asko Area

Renor and City of Lahti are seeking insightful and technologically advanced smart mobility solutions for a shuttle service to promote sustainable development.

Renor and City of Lahti are seeking insightful and technologically advanced smart mobility solutions for a shuttle service to promote sustainable development.

The shuttle service is needed at Asko Area, Lahti, Finland, to connect the parking areas of the office buildings and the Lahti Travel Centre. The goal is to serve people parking in the area to make their travel chains fluent, and to create a non-stop solution for the internal traffic of the area. The solution should encourage consumers to take up sustainable commuting practices. The goal is to reduce the use of private cars and to increase the popularity of public and non-motorised transport.



The solutions proposed for the innovation call must be sufficiently advanced so that they can be piloted with a quick schedule. The evaluation of the submissions emphasizes, depending on the nature of the proposal, aspects that produce additional value, such as increased safety, guidance, etc.

Evaluation criteria also include:

  • Practical feasibility and development potential of the solution
  • Natural integration of the solution into the built and natural environment of the area
  • Compatibility of the solution with the properties and infrastructure to be realised in the area
  • Cost-efficiency of the solution in terms of construction/maintenance
  • Environmental friendliness of the solution and promotion of sustainable commuting


Lahti railway area has become the eastern growth corridor for the Helsinki metropolitan area, with a special significance as an area of change from the industrial era towards a city based on new, intelligent solutions and a more ecological lifestyle. Lahti railway area provides, in a manageable scale, a reference area in which intelligent and resource-efficient solutions are used in the development of the brownfield area as well as in the redevelopment of the existing old housing stock.

The cornerstones of the Smart City development in the demonstration area are Finnish energy competence and efficient energy production solutions, as well as the district heating system, which are all developed further by integrating new consumer services and property-specific optimization possibilities into them.

Lahti railway area is surrounded by a series of properties and plots of land that begins from the former garrison area of Hennala in the west and continues eastward along the track, all the way to the Joutjärvi highway connections. The railway area is to become a dense and urban district connected to the Lahti city center and the railway area combines business and residential functions with comprehensive public and private services. The aim is to develop the region into a resource-efficient area, with a high-quality cityscape, that is a forerunner in the use of intelligent technology.

The planning work is based on the winning entries in the Ideas Competition for the Railway Area of Central Lahti. Another factor guiding the planning process is the vision of the city of Lahti as an environmental city, with solutions that promote a sustainable and ecological lifestyle in keeping with the city strategy.


Asko Area area is a new kind of district born in the former Asko furniture factory area, where the old factory environment of more than 30 hectares will be built into a lively and versatile district for living, events, work and activities. The core of the district is formed by Askotalo and Upotalo, the former production facilities of Asko and Upo. 

The target area for the shuttle service is the area between the Upotalo building and the Lahti Travel Centre. The city plan for Asko Area takes into consideration a 30% reduction to the parking space requirement 500 m away from the railway station. Additionally, the bicycle parking space requirement for the city blocks has increased by 2 bicycle parking spaces per 80 m2 of floor area. (See attached toolkit for details.)

A change of city plan is in the works for this area, enabling the construction of a new city district which would become a part of the Lahti city centre. This new district could house some 5,000 residents. The change of city plan for the first plan area is pending. The planned area is bordered by the Askonkatu junction in the west and the Upo bridge in the east. The desired total permitted building volume is approximately 80,000 m2 (gross floor area), consisting of the existing Askotalo building and the new buildings. The total volume of Asko Area will increase up to the gross floor area of 400,000 m2, of which approximately half will be dedicated to residential use. The entire investment potential in Asko Area is 600 to 700 million euros in total.

The vision is for Asko Area to be a district that pulsates from morning till night with a versatile user base and applications that support one another.

The district is located a one-hour car or train ride away from Helsinki, right next to the Lahti railway station, a couple of minutes’ drive away from the Lahti–Helsinki highway and a walking distance away from the city centre, the harbour and the City’s fantastic outdoor and exercise opportunities alike. Proposal of the city plan maps can be found under  ”Ehdotusvaihe" and .dwg maps of the area here.


Only the submissions send via Nordic Innovation Accelerator will be valid. The submissions will be processed confidentially.

The only part of the submissions that will be made public will be the max. 3,000 character description written by the participant. The creator of a submission will retain all rights to the entry. Everyone, from private individuals and groups to companies are welcome to apply their submission.

Any questions regarding the innovation call can be submitted by 31st of March 2017 to Johanna Kilpi-Koski,

The answers to the questions will be compiled and e-mailed to everyone who submitted a question and published on this website.

The innovation call is made possible by:

The “Energiatehokkuudella ja asuinaluekohtaisella energiantuotannolla lisää Cleantech-liiketoimintaa” (Promoting cleantech business, efficiency and regional energy production) project (A71251) in collaboration with Renor and the City of Lahti


The toolkit is a collection of documents, videos and external links to provide you some guidance before submitting your entry.

Video of Asko Area by Renor




<p>Video of Asko Area by Renor</p>

Asko Area City Plan .dwg maps




<p>Asko Area City Plan .dwg maps</p>

Summary of ELLI project




<p>Summary of ELLI project</p>