Gambling business has always been anchored in society

Gambling businesses are springing up like mushrooms – whether in the country, in the city, or near truck stops, more and more amusement arcades have opened in recent years. You might think that gambling is a new trend, but far from it. Even the Babylonians passed the time playing fate and luck.

Lotteries to beautify the city

In ancient Rome, you had the knack of entertaining your guests at banquets and collecting money at the same time. Lots were sold and prizes were awarded at the end of the event. Emperor Augustus developed the first public lottery from this and used the proceeds to beautify his city. Betting on gladiator fights was less social, but very popular. In the 15th century, state lotteries also emerged in France, England, and today’s German territory, because here, too, the attraction of gambling was more productive than the increase in taxes. And so hospitals, water and sanitation, and other public facilities were financed through the sale of lots.

Has always been an enemy and beneficiary

Of course, this – sometimes disreputable – game with chance such as 바카라사이트 also has its opponents. On the part of the church, there have been repeated attempts to stop gambling. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that it is reprehensible to deprive someone of something that he needs for a living. But preaching everything has not had any success so far, people just want to challenge their luck and the lobby of those who earn money from gambling is large.

In view of the increasing number of gambling addicts, however, the charitable significance of addiction support and addiction prevention is growing. Nevertheless, there are many beneficiaries of gambling, especially in the social field. The various semi-public providers support both short-term and long-term non-profit projects, institutions, and associations.

Distinguish between good and bad

Fast luck has had its lovers since time immemorial. But the search potential is particularly high for unstable personalities. The state tries again and again unfortunately mostly half-heartedly to put an end to unscrupulous traders. But in view of the billions in revenue from casino taxes and business taxes, the question arises whether the regulation and protection of the market against gambling addicts is being seriously pursued.