Gambling businesses in Malta

The answer to the question, why most gambling businesses are located in Malta is quite obvious. There are several factors that make this country a gambling paradise and if you are not at all knowledgeable in the field, you certainly know the advantages and disadvantages of this country.

Malta regulated online gambling

Since 2004, Malta has been the first state in the European Union to regulate gambling via the Internet, i.e. online gambling like 바카라사이트.

The Malta Gambling Authority (called MGA) allows online licensing for all operators in the gambling industry. In short, this authority officially called the Malta Gaming Authority, is the sole regulatory body that deals with the administration of all forms of gambling that take place in this country. In addition to this, there are other advantages that this state offers to companies operating in this field.


IGaming in Malta

Malta is the European center of iGaming, the amounts coming from the local economy are increasing by more than 10% every year, the number of licensed operators is also increasing by over 6% compared to previous years and only in 2017 over 556 million of euros gross were collected from the gambling business.

Gambling activity here also refers to companies operating in lotteries, casino games, poker, sports betting, P2P or online software providers in this area – is legally constituted and regulated, being a clearly defined activity with a regime attractive tax and advantageous level of taxation.

Malta is a safe bet for all operators in this sector because it has greatly encouraged this area and in addition to tax advantages offers companies a stable and secure environment in which to conduct their business because the regulations adopted to emphasize the adoption of fair policies, responsible gaming, protection players, the adoption of procedures against money laundering but last but not least and the protection of operators operating in the field.


How has Malta become the main I-Gaming Hub in the Union?

As the first state to regulate online gambling, it has enjoyed resounding success, regularly bringing new improvements to industry legislation and procedures, and of course, its regulations are subject to European Union requirements.

Thanks to its attractive tax regime, advantageous corporate tax rates, double taxation avoidance methods, fixed tax rates, clearly established regulations as well as well-developed information and security technology, Malta benefits from most companies operating in the field of corporate taxation. Online gambling, its facilities attracting some of the largest operators in the world.