Risks of online gambling

There are now some online gambling games that can quickly lead to gambling problems. What they all have in common is simple and problem-free access via the Internet. Regardless of whether online versions of classic games of chance, such as poker and roulette, or newer games of chance like judi online that are based on computer and parlor games – the focus is always on the use of real money.

Online poker

Online poker has now become a mass phenomenon. In the meantime, numerous Internet offers have established themselves on which people from all over the world compete against each other and try their luck. However, its popularity belies the fact that online poker can become a major problem for players.

Anytime and supposedly quick money

This is due to its very easy accessibility and operation. Whether at home or on the go, anyone who wants to can take a seat at the virtual poker table at any time of the day or night with just a few clicks of the mouse. And with credit card or direct debit, payment is a minor matter. People who dream of “quick money” or those who might finally want to return to profitability are particularly at risk of making spontaneous and careless bets at this point.

Quick decisions

An added risk in online poker is the speed of the game. This means that due to the constant number of new game rounds, the end of the game is constantly under tension, which means that it often takes them a long time to tear themselves away from the virtual game table. Affirmed by initial successes and in order to increase the thrill, many players also bet riskier and riskier. Since game decisions often have to be made in a few seconds, there is also a particular risk of rashly playing and losing.

Little skill, a lot of chance

Many players also overestimate their playing skills, which often leads to the fact that, even in the face of a catastrophic interim result, they keep playing in order to turn the game around again through their “ability”. However, poker is largely dependent on chance, which is why the outcome of the game cannot be predicted.