The Real Reason Why Gambling is Not Legal in Indonesia

Much like in India, where sattaking is most popular, gambling is not legal in Indonesia, but there are actually no hard government laws that specifically cover gambling as a prohibited act.

Looking closer, the real driving force behind the ban on gambling activities in Indonesia is the implementation of strict Islamic Laws.

Majority of Indonesiaā€™s Population are Islam Devotees

Indonesia is the only country in which the majority of the population are Muslims. About 85% of Indonesians in the country belong to the Islamic faith; roughly equivalent to about 225 million Indonesian Muslims. Since the country is the fourth most populous region in the world, the number represents nearly 13% of the entire global population of Muslims.

Although Indonesia used to be a predominantly Christian country, the continuing increase in the number of Muslims, likewise saw the gradual reversal of the percentages.

In the early 1990s, when it became apparent that the country was dominated by citizens devoted to Islamic culture and religion, casinos and gambling joints were forced to take their operations underground. However, the advent of online gambling, allowed many adult Indonesians to engage in gambling activities, particularly sports betting.

The Muslim leaders in the country found it necessary to call for the strict implementation of Islamic laws that prohibit gambling in any form. In 2012, government legislative ministries came out with declarations that even gambling and placing of wagers on sports matches via the Internet is illegal.

Still, the Indonesian government encountered difficulties in policing online gambling activities. Yet in deference to Islamic laws and that of the governmentā€™s, licensed operators of online casinos and online sportsbooks complied by restricting access to their websites. On a case to case basis, access can be granted; but through an agent representing an online casino and sportsbook operator like SBOBET.

SBOBET Agents and Their Role

SBOBET is an Isle of Man- licensed gambling operator that continues to grant access to Indonesians, but only if the individual was invited by an agen sbobet (SBOBET Agent). As a rule, only individuals related or vetted by an SBOBET affiliate can become a SBOBET Agent.

Through their personal website, SBOBET Agents are tasked to screen individuals before they are given access to the online gambling facility. To make sure that their recruits can successfully complete SBOBETā€™s registration requisites, accredited agents usually invite friends, relatives and others whom they have come to trust as responsible gamblers.

In addition, a SBOBET support staff will be assigned at the Agentā€™s website, mainly to assist the registering member who has been approved. If so, the SBOBET support staff will provide a link that will allow the new member to access his or her preferred SBOBET channel/s i.e. online sportsbook and/or online casino.