Gambling is one of the oldest trades in mankind. Until 3,000 BC it was proven that humans played with cube-like bones, traditional writings from ancient Greece or Rome prove this.

Apparently dealt with this very early on, gambling is still established in our society today and enjoys great popularity. Casinos, slot machines and betting cafes characterize our cityscapes in many places. With the great success of the providers, but also a lot of suffering of the players is connected.

Many users fall into addiction and slip into poverty. It is precisely for this reason that gambling is subject to strict rules and regulations in most countries. This can even lead to a complete ban on gambling.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about gambling. Thus, the different types of gambling are presented, but also the possible dangers and the potential for addiction.



There are so many different types of gambling that you can’t list them all. In addition to the well-known ones such as roulette, poker, blackjack and the one-armed bandit, there is also lottery and tombola.

Even bingo is part of gambling. Depending on the probability of winning, the bet and the amount of the winnings, the risk of gambling addiction is different.


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As the name suggests, gambling is a game in which happiness plays an essential role. Depending on the types of games of chance, it depends more or less on luck. While card games, such as poker or blackjack, require skills, roulette or lottery is entirely dependent on luck.

In poker, luck is limited to the cards that are drawn or placed on the table. But what you start with the cards depends on your own skill as well as your own willingness to take risks.



If you are interested in gambling, but do not know which is the right gamble for you, then you should first define your goals. You should inform yourself about the chances of winning which game, which game depends more on skill than chance, and most importantly, you should set a limit where you stop playing.

Of course, you can play several games mixed, in casinos and arcades these are even in the same premises. Each game has its own character and therefore its own charm. They all have the thrill in common.

  • Card
  • Slot machines
  • Online gambling
  • Lottery
  • Matches
  • Casino



Due to the enormous risk of addiction and the associated consequences (poverty, crime), there must be clear rules and laws for gambling and its providers.

In this way, it is regulated who is allowed to offer what may be offered and by which measures the customer is protected from economic risks to existence.



Gambling has an extremely high addictive potential. While the sequence of games often passes very quickly, one does not have a particularly good overview of one’s own profit balance. Decisions are made in the affect. It is better to take part in another round again than to be satisfied with what has already been won.

It is even worse when you are standing with a minus, far too often there is a belief here that you can recover lost things. Tokens in casinos do not make the true monetary value seem so dramatic, even the deceptive feeling that one can influence the game events keeps popping up.



The Gambling State Treaty regulates gambling and was signed by all 16 federal states. So far, it has been amended twice, it is valid in the current version. Schleswig-Holstein had temporarily loose laws in force until the second amendment in 2012.

As already mentioned, online gambling is completely prohibited. Anyone who offers corresponding games online, but also every user, is liable to prosecution. In the same way, you are a German citizen who is liable to prosecution if you engage in online gambling abroad. From mid-2021, the use of online gambling will be relaxed.