Countries in which Gambling has Slim Chance to be Legalized

Countless people do enjoy gambling on their favorite casino sites such as Situs Judi online. While online casino operators and players are having all the fun, it is sad that online sports betting have a different take on it. Not all the time, betting on sports online is legal. While it is true that laws changed throughout the years, still there are several countries that are prohibiting such activity.

In this column, we will be focusing on the countries that are still deflecting any sports betting related activity.


In the past, Cambodians were known mainly because of their uncontrolled gambling addiction. Thus, the government has made a significant decision but to ban any types of gambling in 1996. On the other hand, they do allow private lotteries that are government-sponsored which come in five different forms. For travelers who are planning to visit the country, you have to know that you’re allowed to gamble and there are dedicated casinos offering this kind of service.


Believe it or not, almost every Islamic country that you’ll ever come across is prohibiting any kind of gambling. While this is true, you will be shock that majority of these countries are not enforcing any rules to stop people from doing it. Meaning to say, they are still allowed to visit any online gambling sites that are focused at Arab players.

On the other hand, in U.A.E, the law is a lot stricter and anyone who will be caught gambling may be imprisoned for 24 months.


This is yet another country that prohibits gambling. Singapore actually banned all kinds of gambling-related activities online. And this was enacted under Singapore Remote Gambling Act unless there was an exemption that’s been made. In such case, you will learn that the only exempted gambling operators granted in 2016 are Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. Else, you are going to find that land-based gambling is all illegal as a whole.


Say that you are in search of a country that has the strictest law implementation towards gambling, then Qatar would be at top. Qatar made all kinds of gambling to be illegal which include sports betting. People of Qatar have not taken well the ban and as a result, you may encounter underground gambling scene in the country. Needless to say, everyone who will be caught engaging in such activity will be facing a consequence.