How to Play Poker Online at Indonesian Poker Gaming Sites

Online poker is quite popular in Indonesia, but joining poker tables online is not as simple, because players must be recommended by an authorized online poker agent.


Inasmuch as gambling in Indonesia is prohibited by virtue of Islamic laws, online poker rooms make sure players who will be sitting at their gaming tables will not make trouble for them, or take advantage of their vulnerability as online gaming operators in Indonesia.


One such agent we recommend is Link Poker, an online gambling agent who can provide links to Arenaqq, a leading provider of the most popular online poker and other gambling games in Indonesia. Through, a joining player can register by presenting universally accepted identification documents (IDs) and can enroll at Arenaqq’s accredited payment processing facilities.

Once all information has been verified and approved, a new member can gain access to any of Arenaqq’s online poker games, such as bandarq, dominoqq and other poker variations.

However, non-Indonesian players who take interest in playing at poker tables in online gambling platforms like Arenaqq, get confused with the game titles. While the most played are bandarq and domino qq, many are wary about the mechanics and difficulty level of these poker games.


Brief Overview of Bandarq

Non-Indonesian poker enthusiasts should not worry about bandarq because it is the indoneisan equivalent of a conventional poker game played against a dealer. Bandarq though is a bit different, as it limits the number of players per table to 8; the 8th, being the dealer. Each player is required to pay a fixed ante as buy-in when joining a table, which forms the jackpot prize. In each round, every player receives five cards face down from the dealer.

Playing as  Bandarq Dealer

When playing the part of the dealer in bandarq, you don’t have to place bets because all player hands will be compared against your hand. If upon comparison one player has a hand that ranks higher than yours, you will have to pay that player the amount of bet staked for that hand and if applicable, a portion of the pooled jackpot money.


On the other hand, if a player’s hand loses in ranking against your dealer hand, you get to rake in the bet staked by every losing player. Now there are some cases in which a player feels that his hand is not worth betting on, to which his option is to simply fold and be saved from incurring a betting loss.


Throughout the game, there may be bandarq players who leave the game, leaving only a few players to compete with the dealer. If all players have been bankrupted by the dealer, the remaining jackpot money on hand will from part of the dealer’s winnings.

Bandarq Jackpot Rewards for Winning Hands

Whenever a bandarq player’s hand wins, part of his winnings may include a portion of the jackpot money, if his poke hand is any of the following high-ranking combos, and to be awarded as follows::

1  Royal Flush:- Awards 80% of the total Jackpot in each table.

2. Straight Flush: Awards 30% of the total Jackpot in each table.

3. Four of A Kind: Awards 10% of the total Jackpot listed on each table.