It’s All about Gambling and Business

It’s rarely an instance to watch sports or even Googling sports without seeing any advertisements or websites redirecting you to an online gambling site like Believe it or not, online betting industry is growing strongly year after year whether people are intentionally searching for it or accidentally found a gambling site.

Nevertheless, the industry grew so strong that its access becomes so effortless for everyone. And who would not want to take part in these bets? When the high-risk bets paid off, that adrenaline rush is sometimes enough reason to do the same act over and over and over again. Not to mention, it can significantly boost your finances. Even if the odds are not entirely in your favor, the thrill and excitement of anticipating and waiting for the game’s outcome is another reason that makes you want for more.

Types of Gambling Platforms these Merchants Offer

In comparison to other types of business these days, businesses in the gaming industry presents a greater risk to underwriter and that’s the exact reason why such business is referred to as high-risk by merchant account providers as well as banks.

As mentioned, the gaming business is otherwise called as online gambling and has been a profitable and well-organized industry throughout the years. Merchants for this industry offer all sorts of gambling like:

  • Casinos
  • Sports wagering
  • Online bingo
  • Online poker and;
  • Mobile gaming

Why these Businesses are High-Risks?

There are many different reasons why merchants operating in this industry are deemed high-risk and some are:

Reason number 1. Gaming business carries high volume of turnover which is seen to be a big risk factor by merchant account providers and banks that are giving them credit line.

Reason number 2. There are cases of money laundering as well as fraud in the gaming business particularly those that are operating in offshore.

Reason number 3. The products presented by gaming business are mostly seen to be a high-risk product because there’s a great potential for refunds and chargebacks. This ultimately pushes the liability of the processor when processing for business.

Reason number 4. There is a possibility that the merchant is just new to the field and as a result, has no strong credit line. This therefore increases the odds for solvency and as a result, puts the bank in a position of being financially at risk.

But these don’t indicate that credit card processors and banks will not be giving these merchants the chance. With strong business plan laid out and effective negotiation, a gaming business merchant can get funding and support for their operation.