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Gambling on the stock exchange

The thrill of the roulette ball rotating more and more slowly deciding whether to win or lose, the tingling sensation before the next card falls in blackjack or playing with emotions during a bold bluff in poker – all of this is known from the casino or when playing in the online casino such as 온라인카지노. But some traders report similar roller coaster rides of feelings when buying and selling stocks.

Gambling vs. Trading – what are the similarities?

Strolling through huge, pompously designed halls with a cocktail in hand and a fine thread and taking a seat at elegant tables for a game of poker, blackjack, or roulette – this is how many people imagine themselves, not least influenced by relevant scenes in film and television visit to the casino before. This picture is also correct, but a visit to the casino can be different. After all, there are so many offers to play in casinos these days. Thanks to technological advances, providers are also increasingly able to bring the casino feeling back to their homes as best they can.

It is similar to trading. The hustle and bustle on the trading floor that you know from films is no longer necessary these days. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to trade from virtually anywhere in the world – provided that there is a stable connection.

Trading and playing in the casino differ here

At second glance, gambling and trading seem to be more similar than one would initially assume. After all, you cannot predict the next card in blackjack or the number on which the ball will land in roulette, just as you cannot predict the exact price development of a share.

However, with the right strategy based on the skillful game of probabilities, long-term profits should be achieved in both cases. However, it is important to stick to your strategy even in the event of short-term losses and to keep an eye on long-term success – in both cases, this is not always easy.

With the right strategy to success

So it turns out that gambling and trading actually have more in common than one would assume at first glance. Undoubtedly, with a well-designed and then meticulously pursued strategy, profits can be made reliably in the casino. In the end – assuming an appropriate level of discipline – success can be reliably achieved with both disciplines and with the right strategy – provided you bet on the right horse.

How to start a successful gambling career

If you want to advance your gambling career then you have to show a lot of patience and perseverance. Most gamblers think that only big bets and luck can bring the best winnings, but this is not true.
Only through frequent use and regular play does the player get the opportunity to get high profits and to accelerate his career. Every career claims numerous tips and instructions that every casino like situs judi domino QQ online terpercaya provides its players. The casino games require every player to be wise with their finances because every penny has to be used wisely in order to lose as little money as possible.

Gamblers have to be clever with their money

The best thing players can do for a gambling career is to be wise with the money. That is why it is advisable that the stakes should be divided wisely, regardless of whether the player is a beginner or a professional.

If a player loses a lot of money in one of the casino games, it means that he is not out of luck, but that he has not developed a good strategy. The player must always keep a cool head when gambling in order to be able to play slowly and intelligently. Every online casino offers additional advice on how the player can increase his chances of winning.
Another important piece of advice to speed up gambling careers is that players should always gamble for a certain amount of money that they will not regret if they gamble away. This results in playing without pressure, which could lead a player to the top.

Odds and withdrawal options

To play a game, it is important to know the rules of the game well. Only when the player is ready to master the game will he not lose any money. When the player gets a bit of experience they will see that it’s all about the odds and payout options.
When talking about the odds of winning, it is common for players to neglect the importance of paybacks, which are payments casinos use to show how much money a type of game will pay back over time.

Play Safe In Countries Where Online Casinos Are Legal

Playing online



While many nations are eager to reap the financial benefits of online gaming, other countries might be called ‘wicked’. As you know, many countries have their own legislation covering regulatory and legal difficulties.
The sphere of online gaming might be closely regulated. But it is rather difficult to track, given its comparatively anonymous character. That implies that, in states where gaming on the internet is illegal, it is difficult to recognize players whenever they log on in the home.
In several nations, the standing of internet gaming as ‘valid’ is not quite as straightforward as you may have thought.
In countries where betting on the internet isn’t legal, authorities are inclined to penalize operators more.
The seas are further muddied by the fact that online casinos have different gaming licenses. Those licenses are letting them provide their services to players from various nations.
Nations where online gaming is prohibited:
  • Cyprus
  • Poland (where gamers are particularly liable to prosecution)
  • North Korea
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia

In which nations are online gaming legal?


The UK

The legislation in the UK has been modified in 2003 to stay on top of technological improvements. Before, these laws dated back to the 1960s.
The previous Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell called in the time that contemporary laws required to reflect the contemporary sector “varied, innovative and vibrant…enjoyed in many forms by millions.”
The Labor government of the time introduced a bill to upgrade the legislation. It should also make the most of the UK’s Gambling Commission that altered the Gambling Board. This prosecutes any celebrations breaching the principles laid out in the Bill.
The Bill:
  • Ensures no connection between gaming and crime
  • Protects children and vulnerable adults from injury
  • Maintains just and open gaming throughout the Market
The Bill also claims that betting is only legal in the UK in which there’s a permit, registration, or license. Penalties include fines and a maximum of six weeks’ imprisonment.
People under 18 can not play, and you’re committing an offense in the event that you consciously allow youthful than that to perform exactly the same.

The US

In the US, the problem of the legality of betting on the internet can appear complicated. It is dependent upon what of America’s conditions you’re in.
Actually, a recent study found the US had the world’s most complicated gaming laws.
But, while abroad gaming sites might be obstructed, players aren’t generally penalized.
Since 2011, different nations have experienced the capability to legalize intrastate internet gaming. But from five populated overseas lands and 50 nations, only seven have legalized betting online. It is projected that almost three-quarters of online casinos worldwide aren’t available to players from the US. Simply because of this somewhat complicated legal situation.
You will not be penalized for playing via operators that are overburdened. But suppliers can take players out of the country where it is enrolled.
The very best advice would be to confirm the law in the country you are enjoying.

Elsewhere in Europe

Many European Union (EU) states allow some type of internet gaming in their boundaries. And countries could organize their own legislation with this if they’re compliant with the Treaty on the performance of the European Union.
Some states permit all games, others only a few. More importantly, EU countries have put up licensing procedures permitting more than one supplier. Under EU legislation, no one system is stated over others.
There are varied regulatory frameworks across the EU. Yet, the European Court of Justice has mastered the compliance of federal regulatory frameworks together with EU law.

The Rest of the Planet

  • Online gaming is usually prohibited across all the Middle East
  • Australia introduced new legislation in 2017 which limited access to Internet casinos.
As for Asia, laws differ from nation to nation. Japan has its own position, so some think betting online might be wholly lawful by the close of the decade. Meanwhile, Singapore outlawed gaming in 2014. Thailand has banned gaming, but you’re not likely to be penalized for playing foreign sites like บาคาร่าออนไลน์.
In China, sports gaming (offline) is lawful, although Macau gets the most comfortable laws. Malaysia and South Korea both have a single licensed casino per day. In India, the standing of internet gaming remains cloudy. Though some nations, such as Goa, have legalized internet casinos.
It is clear that you’d want to remain on the ideal side of this law. In case you have questions, double-check the legislation in the nation where you are playing.


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Call for Legalization of Online Gambling Met with Thai PM’s Orders to Block Gambling Websites

Last August 31, Minister of Parliament Mongkolkit Suksintharanon of the Thai Civilised Party made a call for the legalization of online gambling in Thailand. A week later, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, instructed the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) to coordinate with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, in ordering all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mobile network operators to deny access to all online gambling websites such as online casinos, sportsbooks and similar Internet-based gambling portals.

According to Anucha Burapachaisri, the official spokesperson for the government, a total of 1,202 online gambling websites have already been identified. Through court orders, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Communication is set to make Thai ISPs and mobile network operators comply with the Thai PM’s new directive within 15 days. Otherwise, the said providers will be charged for violating the country’s Computer Crime Act.


Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha also wants the MDES to coordinate with police authorities in enforcing anti-gambling laws, including gambling advertisements and gambling-related activities that aim to attract Thailand’s young people.

About MP Suksintharanon’s Push for Legalization of Online Gambling

Actually, MP Suksintharanon’s recommendation for the legalization of online gambling in Thailand was an aside to his recommendation for the government to build its own Entertainment Complex. The project would include the construction of a casino as among the attractions of the complex, in addition to a hotel and a theme park. The MP also proposes that the complex should be built in any of the country’s top destination spots like Bangkok or Phuket.


In speaking to the press, MP Suksintharanon explained that even while gambling is not legal in Thailand, gambling websites continue to offer sports betting products, คาสิโนออนไลน์ or online casino games and other gambling opportunities. All of which goes without any taxation involved, since the Thai Revenue Department does not have any clear laws to follow as guidelines.


Since Thailand’s coffers are currently suffering from lack of export and tourism revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MP Suksintharanon is pushing for the legalization of online gambling. He contends that the Thai government can collect yearly taxes amounting to as much as THB 5 to 6 billion from igaming and sportsbook operators.


However, both the MP’s entertainment complex and the online gambling legalization recommendations are in a bind because he has recently been implicated in a corruption scandal. A leaked audio recording of a conversation has been made public, in which the MP can be heard asking for a THB 12 million bribe money. According to local reports, the money is in exchange for MP Suksintharanon’s cooperation in keeping secret a deal between a CCTV company and Thai schools.

Top Online Baccarat Strategies for Newbies

Casual and enthusiastic players globally enjoy the baccarat game. It has made a look for example about the silver screen from Bond movies and is a participant favorite by the large stake’s chambers of Monte Carlo into the mini-baccarat tables of Las Vegas and the Cotai Strip in Macau. A baccarat casino online delivers the same exciting gameplay as a true casino. Maybe you have wanted to go into the game of baccarat, but are not completely certain how to play with? Well, it is time to raise the bets.

Before you sit down in front of your computer or in the community casino baccarat table to indulge in your very own personal James Bond fantasies. All these pieces of advice are extremely useful when applied to the highly entertaining game. Smart and effective players use the subsequent baccarat strategy at both conventional and online casinos to be able to obtain an edge. All these helpful baccarat tips will surely help you increase your bankroll. Thus, without further ado, let us look at these baccarat tips and secrets to improve your bankroll.

How to Play Baccarat

Of all the games you will see on the casino floor, บาคาร่าออนไลน์ is the best one for newbies. Typically, the game of baccarat needs no ability, particularly if you are playing mini-baccarat at which the trader controls the cards. The notion of this game is to get as near a whole worth of nine based on two cards attracted to both the participant and the dealer (also called the banker). Experts, tens, and face cards have a value of cards 2-9 are accepted at face value. In case the value of the initial two cards drawn exceeds eight, 10 is deducted from the total. Nine is the maximum hand you can have in baccarat and this can be referred to as a natural. The 2nd greatest hand would be a ten and an 8, also called a natural 8. Let us say that a hand attracted to the participant is a 5 and an 8 because the amount of the cards is 13, the value of the hands is 3. In baccarat, it is not possible to discuss or “float” such as in blackjack. The dealer must hit dependent on the results of the cards and a predetermined set of principles.

Playing Baccarat Online Vs. Brick and Mortar

Whether you like the air of casinos or want to play with in the privacy of your house, baccarat is a thrilling game offline and on. The important distinction is playing with large or mini-baccarat online casinos or playing with a live dealer or table game on the internet. Like many online, non-live trader variations of baccarat are electronic, and so the number of cards at a shoe is infinite. This does not make the game any longer challenging to learn. Players may select to practice online free since most baccarat online casinos offer you immediate play versions for everyone their casino games. This permits players to better their abilities and upward confidence in their match. Play baccarat now free in Planet 7 Online Casino. Just register for an account. It is possible to opt to practice your abilities or earn a deposit to begin winning real cash on all your favorite casino games now.

Types of Bets in Baccarat

Now that you understand know how to play baccarat, it is time we have a look at gambling and how to improve your baccarat strategy. Baccarat uses three types of bets:

  • Banker bets: The house edge on the banker bet is 1.06 percent. The participant must pay a 5 percent commission on the lien on every winning bet.
  • Player bets: The house advantage on the player bet is 1.06% (that has the very same likelihood as the banker bet because of commission paid to the trader).
  • Tie bets: The house edge on the tie bet is 14.36 percent. This wager is not advised despite the payout to the participant, since the probability of winning is extremely low.

Although the game of baccarat is straightforward to comprehend, these hints should be followed closely to make the most of your gambling benefit to make consistent wins. These hints will effectively enhance your baccarat strategy.

Do not Search for Patterns

When first learning how to play baccarat, new gamers will frequently overlook this baccarat strategy. Some claim to acquire the game of baccarat, you must keep tabs on patterns. Most baccarat tables can keep tabs on outcomes for a specific match; significance if the winning results have been lender, tie, or player. Despite supposed winning cold or hot streaks, in baccarat, the chances are like ascertaining if or not a coin toss will come up heads or tails. Each outcome is another occasion, although you may do your best to ascertain what the result is going to be, it is not possible to set up a surefire way of winning. Simply have fun, and do not worry yourself over possible sequences. You may finally enjoy baccarat more if you do not keep tabs on each hand.

Make the Wisest Bet

The minute that you sit down at the baccarat table, you may wonder, which bet is better: player or banker? Since gambling on the banker is taxed a 5 percent commission from the home, this bet may look to be an unattractive solution for the newbie baccarat player. But mathematically the banker bet would be the safer bet to create even though the fractional cut every triumph. It is a lower house edge; hence the payout makes it worthwhile in the long run. As time passes, the banker bet will generally win 50.68percent versus 49.32% over the player bet. This may not look like much, but this portion of a percent will translate into stable profits with time.

Forget the Tie Bet

Any seasoned baccarat player will inform you the tie wager is your worst bet a player can create. The payout for a tie bet might appear tempting, but you need to be quite lucky to pull on this wager off since it simply pays off 9 percent of their time. Should you have the ability to pull the tie bet, the payout is very rewarding, and that’s exactly what makes it so attractive.

Keep it Brief

Baccarat players more frequently than not encounter brief winning streaks followed with a brief fall that may become huge losses. Unlike a game such as blackjack, which may grant individual players lucrative upswings, baccarat is much more of a sprint than a marathon. The secret to winning frequently in baccarat is to grab an upswing and ride it for as long as you can. It is important to avoid becoming too greedy and to dive early before things take a turn to the worse. Otherwise, your bankroll will feel the consequences. It is ideal to keep your sessions short, especially if you keep switching between your banker and player bets. Sit down to perform for 10-15 minutes, then walk off before things get nasty. Switch tables for those who need to. It is ideal to keep it short and sweet.

Check out the Competition

The 5% commission is typically the standard regarding betting on the banker at baccarat, which cannot be negotiated. Nonetheless, in land-based casinos, gamers can locate baccarat tables that are eager to have a smaller proportion of wins on banker bets. Though a one percent commission decrease may seem like nothing, it could make a difference in the long run and maintain your bankroll at the positive.

Pay Attention to Each Table

Though many baccarat tables just collect a 5 percent commission on banker bets, do not automatically think that this count because the norm for all casinos. Some casinos have baccarat tables that accumulate up to 10 percent or perhaps a 25 percent commission on banker bet wins. Be conscious of the principles and minimums recorded on each table to the casino of your pick. And should you choose to choose the tie wager, focus on the table payout for this certain bet. When many online casinos provide 8:1 or perhaps 9:1 chance, some are sneaky and will pay as low as 6:1 or occasionally even lower. Even if you don’t opt with this risky move, be aware anyhow — when the casino has corrected the payout over your tie bet, they have likely messed about with other essential aspects too.

The Real Reason Why Gambling is Not Legal in Indonesia

Much like in India, where sattaking is most popular, gambling is not legal in Indonesia, but there are actually no hard government laws that specifically cover gambling as a prohibited act.

Looking closer, the real driving force behind the ban on gambling activities in Indonesia is the implementation of strict Islamic Laws.

Majority of Indonesia’s Population are Islam Devotees

Indonesia is the only country in which the majority of the population are Muslims. About 85% of Indonesians in the country belong to the Islamic faith; roughly equivalent to about 225 million Indonesian Muslims. Since the country is the fourth most populous region in the world, the number represents nearly 13% of the entire global population of Muslims.

Although Indonesia used to be a predominantly Christian country, the continuing increase in the number of Muslims, likewise saw the gradual reversal of the percentages.

In the early 1990s, when it became apparent that the country was dominated by citizens devoted to Islamic culture and religion, casinos and gambling joints were forced to take their operations underground. However, the advent of online gambling, allowed many adult Indonesians to engage in gambling activities, particularly sports betting.

The Muslim leaders in the country found it necessary to call for the strict implementation of Islamic laws that prohibit gambling in any form. In 2012, government legislative ministries came out with declarations that even gambling and placing of wagers on sports matches via the Internet is illegal.

Still, the Indonesian government encountered difficulties in policing online gambling activities. Yet in deference to Islamic laws and that of the government’s, licensed operators of online casinos and online sportsbooks complied by restricting access to their websites. On a case to case basis, access can be granted; but through an agent representing an online casino and sportsbook operator like SBOBET.

SBOBET Agents and Their Role

SBOBET is an Isle of Man- licensed gambling operator that continues to grant access to Indonesians, but only if the individual was invited by an agen sbobet (SBOBET Agent). As a rule, only individuals related or vetted by an SBOBET affiliate can become a SBOBET Agent.

Through their personal website, SBOBET Agents are tasked to screen individuals before they are given access to the online gambling facility. To make sure that their recruits can successfully complete SBOBET’s registration requisites, accredited agents usually invite friends, relatives and others whom they have come to trust as responsible gamblers.

In addition, a SBOBET support staff will be assigned at the Agent’s website, mainly to assist the registering member who has been approved. If so, the SBOBET support staff will provide a link that will allow the new member to access his or her preferred SBOBET channel/s i.e. online sportsbook and/or online casino.

Online casinos: Become self-employed with gambling

Gambling in the online casino could be a lucrative occupation with which entrepreneurs set up their own businesses. The amount of money that can be won is a good incentive. The operators of the online casinos never tire of raving about high winnings to the players.

The development of online casinos

Of course, the operators of the online casinos know the literature and also the sums that can be won at poker. They know that the real substance of poker isn’t the cards, it’s the money. That is why they have founded many online casinos in the last few years, even though gambling on the Internet has been around for a long time. With the boom in online casinos, not only has the number of professional gamblers increased, but also the number of soldiers of fortune.

The advertising for the virtual casinos, therefore, emphasizes that enough money can be raked in at their tables for additional income. A few clicks from the sofa at home can form the basis for a part-time job, if not for starting a business as a gambler.

Requirements for reputable online casinos

In order to be able to distinguish serious online casinos from the “black sheep”, the entrepreneur as a gambler should observe the following criteria:

  • Headquarters: The online casino, which can have its headquarters practically anywhere, should be in a reputable location.
  • Chances of winning: The online casino must guarantee the same chances of winning and payouts as stationary casinos.
  • Software: The software has to be user-friendly, trustworthy, and safe. It must not fail during the game. It must allow easy navigation. The games must be directly accessible. The possibility of using it as an app on a tablet or smartphone is an advantage. With user-friendly software, the 918kiss register would be easy.
  • Costs and Fees: Other than minimum stakes, no fees or costs should be charged for withdrawals.
  • Support: The support must be competent. It should be possible to reach him not only by phone or contact form but also via live chat. Multilingualism is another advantage. The FAQs should be meaningful.

Becoming self-employed as a gambler in an online casino is a way of starting your own business.

Betting Strategies to Increase Chances of Winning in Baccarat

When planning on your 바카라사이트 strategy, the initial thing that you must bear in mind is the fact that this game isn’t all about skill entirely. Rather, this is focused more on luck. After placing your bet either the player, banker or tie, you will have no control of what would be the outcome of the game. Compared to other games in the casino such as blackjack online, you cannot actually make your decision that will influence the outcome of the hand.

So if you want to boost your odds of winning when playing baccarat, then keeping yourself informed of the following would help a lot.

Know Your Numbers

An important thing that you should do is understanding the numbers. The house’s edge is player-friendly which is the lowest that you could ever find in any casino games. The casino has just 1.4% edge which gives players better odds.

Watch videos of how experienced baccarat players work and practice playing on your own, in a computer AI or other players to hone your skills.

Understanding of Odds and Bets

In baccarat, the minimum bet in the table is approximately 25 dollars with the biggest being 100 dollars. These minimum wagers go bigger at the table in exclusive areas, especially in bigger casinos.

Despite the fact that some of the bets come with low house advantage, don’t discount the fact that you can still lose quite a lot fast if you will be careless.

This is why it is imperative to understand the odds, which will be crucial in minimizing your losses. You may go for one of the three bets offered which are:

  1. Betting on the banker
  2. Betting on the player or;
  3. A tie

You have to know that the banker’s odds of winning are a bit higher compared to players. This is due to the reason that the hand of the banker is being determined by the hand of the player. Simply speaking, the banker can foresee what he/she needs to beat prior to making any decisions whether or not to draw a card.

Adapting with the Environment

There are a lot of players who are actually using sheets provided in order to monitor losses and wins of banker vs. player and try out betting on trends. The fact is, long term odds have small impact on the short term results and also, the banker can beat the player more than half the time regardless if the banker won the last 10 or 20 hands consecutively.

How to Play Poker Online at Indonesian Poker Gaming Sites

Online poker is quite popular in Indonesia, but joining poker tables online is not as simple, because players must be recommended by an authorized online poker agent.


Inasmuch as gambling in Indonesia is prohibited by virtue of Islamic laws, online poker rooms make sure players who will be sitting at their gaming tables will not make trouble for them, or take advantage of their vulnerability as online gaming operators in Indonesia.


One such agent we recommend is Link Poker, an online gambling agent who can provide links to Arenaqq, a leading provider of the most popular online poker and other gambling games in Indonesia. Through, a joining player can register by presenting universally accepted identification documents (IDs) and can enroll at Arenaqq’s accredited payment processing facilities.

Once all information has been verified and approved, a new member can gain access to any of Arenaqq’s online poker games, such as bandarq, dominoqq and other poker variations.

However, non-Indonesian players who take interest in playing at poker tables in online gambling platforms like Arenaqq, get confused with the game titles. While the most played are bandarq and domino qq, many are wary about the mechanics and difficulty level of these poker games.


Brief Overview of Bandarq

Non-Indonesian poker enthusiasts should not worry about bandarq because it is the indoneisan equivalent of a conventional poker game played against a dealer. Bandarq though is a bit different, as it limits the number of players per table to 8; the 8th, being the dealer. Each player is required to pay a fixed ante as buy-in when joining a table, which forms the jackpot prize. In each round, every player receives five cards face down from the dealer.

Playing as  Bandarq Dealer

When playing the part of the dealer in bandarq, you don’t have to place bets because all player hands will be compared against your hand. If upon comparison one player has a hand that ranks higher than yours, you will have to pay that player the amount of bet staked for that hand and if applicable, a portion of the pooled jackpot money.


On the other hand, if a player’s hand loses in ranking against your dealer hand, you get to rake in the bet staked by every losing player. Now there are some cases in which a player feels that his hand is not worth betting on, to which his option is to simply fold and be saved from incurring a betting loss.


Throughout the game, there may be bandarq players who leave the game, leaving only a few players to compete with the dealer. If all players have been bankrupted by the dealer, the remaining jackpot money on hand will from part of the dealer’s winnings.

Bandarq Jackpot Rewards for Winning Hands

Whenever a bandarq player’s hand wins, part of his winnings may include a portion of the jackpot money, if his poke hand is any of the following high-ranking combos, and to be awarded as follows::

1  Royal Flush:- Awards 80% of the total Jackpot in each table.

2. Straight Flush: Awards 30% of the total Jackpot in each table.

3. Four of A Kind: Awards 10% of the total Jackpot listed on each table.

Blockchain Technology’s Benefit to iGaming Industry


It’s common knowledge today that blockchain technology provides a great method for two parties to transact with one another, and move funds with no participation of any third party. On the other hand, the beauty of it is that its program goes much beyond the transport of capital. Smart contracts for example provide for trust-less arrangements that are readily entered into and confirmed automatically, with no external affirmation.

Such flexibility provided by blockchain technology ensures that various interactions and activities involved with online gaming, for example, blackjack spins, dice rolls, etc., could all be coded in an automatic and incorruptible arrangement, that may be manipulated by the operator nor the participant. This is also the main reason a high number of gaming platforms have been available to cryptocurrency withdrawals and deposits today. Check out 918kiss to learn more about iGaming.


The absolute transparency and effortless viewability of a blockchain ledger by anybody interested in it make it a perfect platform for both operators and customers to maintain the trades fraud-free. Knowing that whatever has been done, is concurrently becoming listed in an immutable ledger. Internet gaming platforms may either utilize public blockchains or just incorporate this technology in their approaches, to provide an optimum amount of transparency to their clients. The benefits provided by blockchain technology to gaming platforms are for real, and so are causing a fantastic deal of change in these businesses.


A blockchain ledger maintained in the public level is immutable and decentralized, suggesting that no single firm or individual can change any trade, following its recording. This is because the ledger is maintained by tens of thousands of unique computers crossing around the globe; therefore, no one person can make any alterations to it. Resultantly, everything listed on this ledger could be wholly reliable and even utilized in the shape of evidence whenever players can find valid legal debates. This caliber of blockchain technology makes it well suited for the internet gaming business, where hope is of extreme significance.


What sets blockchain technology aside is the fact that it’s equally transparent in addition to anonymous. Every person’s interaction with all the blockchain becomes listed via a set of random numbers and figures, ensuring no private information like bank information, address, title, etc. is listed. But should players have to show that particular trade was completed, they can certainly do it by providing evidence of the trade connected to a pocket. It means they could demonstrate that they have a specific activity or advantage, while also making certain their private details are concealed from everybody.


Using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, derived from blockchain technologies, for playing online gaming platforms may safeguard banking and personal details. As soon as players have bought cryptocurrency from a trusted source, it is possible to load this up at multiple gaming platforms, without providing banking info. In the event of cryptocurrencies, all must provide is the address of the digital wallet.

Stricter Rules Imposed For Slot Machine Games In Arcades And Restaurants

Commercial gaming machines will be more strictly regulated in the future. The new Gaming Ordinance came into effect. In the “rules of the game” for commercial gaming that have been in effect since then, the tightening of the rules previously called for by the Federal Council was taken into account.

Slot Machine: What Every Player Needs to Know

The player card for commercial slot machines is coming

With the changes in the Gaming Ordinance, the responsible Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has implemented a whole package of measures to improve the player and youth protection. In the future, every player will need a so-called “player card” in order to be able to use a slot machine. Only one card may be given to each player. This is to prevent someone from playing on multiple devices at the same time. The issue of the card is also linked to an age check. The player card thus serves both youth and player protection. This system may soon be imposed too to slot game providers online such as the mega888, rival slots, wms slots, and the like.

The maximum profit of EUR 400 and a loss of EUR 60 per hour

After three hours, all games are automatically paused and the devices are set to zero. Likewise, the upper limits for possible winnings and losses at the machine have been re-regulated: The maximum win per hour in slot machines may be a maximum of 400 euros (currently 500 euros). The loss must not exceed 60 euros per hour. Instead of the three gaming machines previously allowed in restaurants, only two machines may be set up per establishment in the future.

Off for automatic key and points game

Many gaming machines have a so-called automatic button. This key is used to place bets without any action on the part of the player. After the Gaming Ordinance comes into force, this automatic button should be a thing of the past. There will also no longer be any conversion of amounts of money into points (points game). In the future, stakes will only be displayed as recognizable amounts of money. Experts were recently able to prove that converting monetary values ​​into points can undermine the legal regulations for limiting gambling losses.

The number of slot machine players had recently increased

Experts had long been calling for stricter regulation of slot machine games in restaurants and amusement arcades. For the majority of those seeking advice (for example in addiction counseling centers), this form of gambling is at the center of their problems. In a current representative study by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), an increasing number of slot machine players were found. 3.7% of all respondents stated that they had tried their luck at a slot machine within the last twelve months. In 2007 this proportion was 2.2%. The increase was particularly pronounced among 18-20-year-old men. Almost one in four of them (23.5%) has played a slot machine in the last twelve months.

The harmless “daddling devices” of yore, which were primarily used for entertainment, have long since developed into sophisticated high-tech devices with a high-risk potential, which are also widespread. It is to be hoped that the new rules of the game will help to reduce the risk of slot machine games and limit the problem of gambling addiction.

AML Act : An International Law Governing the Global Gambling Industry

When looking to invest in an online casino business, have awareness that the global gambling industry is under rigid scrutiny for money laundering activities. Gambling regulators in all jurisdictions require all online gambling operators to comply with an international law known as the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Act.

Online casino operations are known to be easy targets of criminal organizations that move money from country to country, as a way of laundering or making legitimate, large sums of cash from or for illicit operations, including terrorist acts. That is why nearly all countries have legislated specific guidelines and procedures aimed to implement measures as their local versions of the AML Act. That way, all channels through which illegal organizations move their money will be compelled to handle their financial transactions legally and with utmost care.

That being the case, even if an online casino operator offers offshore online gambling products and services in different countries, the operator is still under obligation to abide with the AML Act in every jurisdiction. That denotes that even if an online gambling firm is registered and licensed by a country that has less rigid gambling laws, the company must still abide by the anti-money gambling laws of the countries where their customers are located.

Knowing and Identifying Potential Online Casino Customers in Indonesia

The most basic compulsory procedure that online casino operators must follow to protect its site against illicit financial activities is to “Know Your Customer/Client (KYC).“

In Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, where offshore online casino operators offer judi slot online to customers, strict compliance with the AML Act is a must. While an online casino may use an Indonesia-based agent to recruit customers, the agent is the online casino’s first line of defense against illicit financial activities. As much as possible, the agent must recruit only those he or she fully knows and trusts, and at the least, those whom the agent has verified as a person not involved in criminal or terrorist activities.

As part of the identification verification procedures, a customer service staff of the online casino, partners with the Indonesia-based agent. The customer service personnel processes the account registration, as well as evaluates and further verifies the identity of customers recommended by the agent. Still, it is possible that a registration will not be immediately rejected, if in case the registering person is flagged as a potentially risky customer.

However, online casinos that accept such offshore applicants as a member, must run on a platform capable of monitoring and detecting any large sums of money being transacted, particularly by those flagged as having dubious backgrounds. When called for and as required by international AML guidelines, any suspicious financial activities must be reported to appropriate authorities.

Things to Remember Before Accessing Online Gambling Sites

People spend billions of dollars on online betting.

From online baccarat to poker and blackjack, these sites are too easy to find across the Net. These people who are fond of online betting go into sites they see in Google. They access without verifying if it’s legitimate. Before you access a gambling site be sure to check out any Toto Site Recommendation ( 토토사이트추천). It’s a trusted online sports betting site. This site will provide you with betting tips and some game analysis details. You’ll be confident in spending your money after visiting the site.

When you’re feeling lucky and ready to win some money, only access sites recommended. A site that will give you the best experience for your favorite online betting game. Accessing these sites will make you feel secured and will guarantee the best.

The TRUTH About Sports Betting! Watch this before you place another bet.

Another thing to consider before entering the site. You should be aware of the danger it poses:

  • Since most betting sites have easy access you may have the tendency to gamble the whole day. You can access it without putting so much effort. This makes a person bet at any time and anywhere. The best advice about this is to check the time you give on these sites. Practice discipline and put a time limit on every play.
    Make sure to always follow this whenever you log in.
  • There’s the danger of minors finding out about these sites and trying it by themselves. To prevent minors from accessing these sites be sure to log out on these sites. Keep your passwords only to yourself.
  • People get hooked to it. They usually forget to do some chores because they spend too much time in front of the computer.
  • Since people are betting online they usually forget that they are betting on real money. Keep in mind that the amounts you see on the screen are equal to real money.
  • Some gambling sites may be fly by night sites. After taking your money they shutdown without paying you.
  • Accessing some gambling sites may be too risky. You are exposing some personal information that hackers can steal.
  • Online betting sites get you hooked. Take note that these sites can be very addictive. Discover sites that Look for sites that will allow you to have the option to decide on your own spend. Also, look for sites that have session limits.
  • Since you are betting real money remember that you can lose big amounts of money. Since this is a business, operators make it a point to earn a profit. These businesses get more money than they would payout.

It’s All about Gambling and Business

It’s rarely an instance to watch sports or even Googling sports without seeing any advertisements or websites redirecting you to an online gambling site like Believe it or not, online betting industry is growing strongly year after year whether people are intentionally searching for it or accidentally found a gambling site.

Nevertheless, the industry grew so strong that its access becomes so effortless for everyone. And who would not want to take part in these bets? When the high-risk bets paid off, that adrenaline rush is sometimes enough reason to do the same act over and over and over again. Not to mention, it can significantly boost your finances. Even if the odds are not entirely in your favor, the thrill and excitement of anticipating and waiting for the game’s outcome is another reason that makes you want for more.

Types of Gambling Platforms these Merchants Offer

In comparison to other types of business these days, businesses in the gaming industry presents a greater risk to underwriter and that’s the exact reason why such business is referred to as high-risk by merchant account providers as well as banks.

As mentioned, the gaming business is otherwise called as online gambling and has been a profitable and well-organized industry throughout the years. Merchants for this industry offer all sorts of gambling like:

  • Casinos
  • Sports wagering
  • Online bingo
  • Online poker and;
  • Mobile gaming

Why these Businesses are High-Risks?

There are many different reasons why merchants operating in this industry are deemed high-risk and some are:

Reason number 1. Gaming business carries high volume of turnover which is seen to be a big risk factor by merchant account providers and banks that are giving them credit line.

Reason number 2. There are cases of money laundering as well as fraud in the gaming business particularly those that are operating in offshore.

Reason number 3. The products presented by gaming business are mostly seen to be a high-risk product because there’s a great potential for refunds and chargebacks. This ultimately pushes the liability of the processor when processing for business.

Reason number 4. There is a possibility that the merchant is just new to the field and as a result, has no strong credit line. This therefore increases the odds for solvency and as a result, puts the bank in a position of being financially at risk.

But these don’t indicate that credit card processors and banks will not be giving these merchants the chance. With strong business plan laid out and effective negotiation, a gaming business merchant can get funding and support for their operation.

Pros & Cons of Online Casino

Online casino has become an important part of the entertainment industry. According to the study by the credit agency Trans Union from 2019, mobile gaming on the smartphone is in vogue and, even before the console, is the most popular device for playing. Online gaming has become a huge occurrence and has become well-known in society these days. One of the sites where some online gamers check is asiabet369. The percentage of online casino transactions has increased over the years. However, it is always good to know what are the pros and cons of online casinos.

Online casinos pros and cons – facts worth knowing

  1. Online casinos are virtual casinos that you can use unlimited
  2. The game is played on a device such as a smartphone, computer or tablet
  3. There is a certain anonymity.
  4. When playing in the online casino, real croupiers do not have to do without
  5. The gigantic range of games and special offers complete the whole thing

Online casinos advantages

  • No dress code. For those who like it a little more comfortable and do not want to squeeze into tight suits or costumes every time, online casinos are just the thing for them. Because if you play games online in the casino, you can do without a dress code and play games in the online casino from the comfort of your own home.
  • Anonymity
  • Generous bonus offers. Everyone who bets online love special offers and discounts at a great price. They love that and online casino knows that as well. Online casinos attempt to lure players with the top possible offer so that they can get them as customers in the end.
  • Play for free without registration
  • Large selection of games
  • Open 24/7
  • Higher chances of success
  • Bet limits
  • Diverse payment options
  • Privacy

Disadvantages of online casinos

  • Addictiveness
  • Reliable operators
  • Fees
  • Withdrawal time
  • Lack of interaction
  • The atmosphere
  • Only EU gambling licenses are legal, all others are not
  • Bonus money linked to wagering requirements

Casino and gambling can teach you about business. You just need to have the passion, time, money, and effort if you want to pursue gambling and business.


Playing like a Pro Poker Player

Poker is mainly a game of skill and almost any casino and online casinos like ufabet has to offer some variant of poker. The beauty about poker is the fact that this game is so simple to understand and you can almost immediately start playing after mastering the basics. It doesn’t matter what level your poker skill is but the question is, how you can turn yourself from a casual player into a professional one?

With the surge of poker tournaments both online and offline that is also jam packed with known personalities to take home big prize money and seats at some prestigious poker events, there are plenty of strategies and methods that can help you improve your game.

Do Your Homework and Grasp the Game’s Concept

Professional poker players have invested lots of hours studying and practicing their strategies, more so for those who are in the top-tier level. Reading tons of poker books as well as taking part in detailed hand discussions across poker forums becomes the norm. It is advisable that you bookmark sections or sites that carry valuable information.

Understand the Rules                                                          

You have to know and understand the rules applied in poker. And with the different variations of it, the rules may vary as well. All of which may have nuances that might or might not fit your style of playing. The most popular is the Texas Hold’em Poker and it consists of numerous similarities to traditional Stud Poker.

The blinds, positional play and hand rankings are all essential and must be thoroughly understood. Much like with all kinds of gambling, etiquette and terminology could be the key factor of your knowledge base in ensuring comfort while playing in the tables. This will eventually allow you to have informed decisions on each and every hand you play.

Repeat what’s Good

So, you have done your research and eliminated gaps in your knowledge. The next thing you have to do now is practicing it. The only thing that you can do it is by playing. A simple way to get this done is of course by registering at the top poker sites in your state and play there. There are a number of poker sites over the internet that you can choose from so it shouldn’t be a challenge.

Though it would not hurt if you are going to read reviews of the poker site you are planning to register and play.

Countries in which Gambling has Slim Chance to be Legalized

Countless people do enjoy gambling on their favorite casino sites such as Situs Judi online. While online casino operators and players are having all the fun, it is sad that online sports betting have a different take on it. Not all the time, betting on sports online is legal. While it is true that laws changed throughout the years, still there are several countries that are prohibiting such activity.

In this column, we will be focusing on the countries that are still deflecting any sports betting related activity.


In the past, Cambodians were known mainly because of their uncontrolled gambling addiction. Thus, the government has made a significant decision but to ban any types of gambling in 1996. On the other hand, they do allow private lotteries that are government-sponsored which come in five different forms. For travelers who are planning to visit the country, you have to know that you’re allowed to gamble and there are dedicated casinos offering this kind of service.


Believe it or not, almost every Islamic country that you’ll ever come across is prohibiting any kind of gambling. While this is true, you will be shock that majority of these countries are not enforcing any rules to stop people from doing it. Meaning to say, they are still allowed to visit any online gambling sites that are focused at Arab players.

On the other hand, in U.A.E, the law is a lot stricter and anyone who will be caught gambling may be imprisoned for 24 months.


This is yet another country that prohibits gambling. Singapore actually banned all kinds of gambling-related activities online. And this was enacted under Singapore Remote Gambling Act unless there was an exemption that’s been made. In such case, you will learn that the only exempted gambling operators granted in 2016 are Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. Else, you are going to find that land-based gambling is all illegal as a whole.


Say that you are in search of a country that has the strictest law implementation towards gambling, then Qatar would be at top. Qatar made all kinds of gambling to be illegal which include sports betting. People of Qatar have not taken well the ban and as a result, you may encounter underground gambling scene in the country. Needless to say, everyone who will be caught engaging in such activity will be facing a consequence.

Basic Hardware Requirements before Playing Online Casino Games

Computer hardware and technology will keep improving and changing to the point that it becomes a bit confusing and hard to pick a device that is fit for a given task. Being able to understand hardware may take time which is the same reason why for everyone interested in online casinos and gambling, reading the guide below can lend a hand to have a 그레잇게임.

Jumping into the Online Realm

For example, most of the digital slot machines these days do incorporate traditional buttons and levers but, they can easily configure it by adding whatnot with technology similar to VR headsets or touch screen feature. While digital slots are still quite popular, you can have the best slot experience by playing it directly on your smart phone or in your computer.

Online video slots are either downloadable which could be an app or computer program or be hosted by an internet browser in which it is referred as browser games.

Literally, there are hundreds of game variations that you can find online. Many online casinos do feature themed as well as official licensed titles to entice and attract more players. Aside from that, there are numerous specialty themed games like Safari Spirit and Red Panda, animal spinners Savannah Storm and more. Pick a game that is just the thing for you by checking its paylines and theme. The moment that you have come to a decision on which game to play, next thing to do is to fund your online casino account and start playing.

Minimum Specs Required

If you wish to download the casino games and be able to play it on your computer, it is imperative that your system at least have the specs below:

  • 0 GHz processor or higher
  • 2GB RAM or higher
  • 2GB graphics card or higher

On the other hand, if you would like to make your gambling experience more realistic, you may do so with a virtual reality hardware. But this will push the minimum specifications you need for your device like an Intel Core i5 processor or higher, 8GB RAM or higher and latest graphics card.

Then again, if you are planning to play gambling applications on your smart phone, there must be around 100mb of memory in your device to download the game. Majority of Android and Apple devices are standardized and so, if you have a new device, its OS should do fine and the mobile apps should run smoothly as well.

Is It Wise to Invest in an Asia-Facing Online Casino?

Online gambling has become popular in Asia-Pacific countries that many are asking if operating an online casino is a good business venture. Apparently, Asians have quite an appetite for gambling and the current scarcity of accessible online gambling facilities in the region makes the business very appealing.


However, it is first and foremost important to note that gambling in any form or space, is not legal in most Asian countries; particularly in nations like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei where the population is predominantly Muslim and therefore subject to strict Islamic laws. In countries like Singapore and Thailand, in general, is also illegal; but with certain exceptions if bets are wagered on locally-licensed lottery systems and on local horse-racing events,

Nonetheless, advancements in technology and networking solutions that allow widespread geographical operations, enable online casinos to reach and connect to adult Asian gamblers despite restrictions.

Online Gambling Sites are Capital Intensive Business Ventures

Operating an online gambling has great potential as a lucrative business, but it is also capital intensive. In order to put up an online igaming website, large upfront seed funding is needed to initially address three major requirements: IT infrastructure, licensing and marketing.

Although the marketing aspect is capital intensive at the beginning, the cost of marketing campaigns could lessen in time. Once word of mouth spreads that an online casino offers quality and fairn igaming content, an online gambling operator needs only to harness the built-in promotional features and tools that game developers integrate, to enhance customers’ igaming experience.

IT Infrastructure

A reference to IT infrastructure means the combination of software, hardware, network resources and related services needed to set-up, operate and manage a business in digital format across a digital space. When looking to invest in an online casino in Asia, the ideal type of infrastructure to use is one that supports a mobile gaming platform. This type of platform enables igaming operators to offer real-money gaming content by way of proprietary software or application, which customers can download and install in their smartphone.

Take a look at 918kiss, which formerly operated under the brand name SCR88. The operator not only took to rebranding its online casino platform. Changes were implemented that transformed the set-up into a mobile gaming platform. The improvements came complete with deposit and payment processing services, offers of promotional bonus and loyalty rewards, as well as responsible gambling features and measures to protect customers from gambling addiction.

Moreover, the 918Kiss mobile platform now carries a wide array of Asian-themed online casino games provided by more than 30 game developers such as mega888, Ace333, Live22, Rollex11, Lucky Palace, Suncity and Newtown, just to name a few. Check out 918kiss download for more gaming opportunities. Through content aggregators, 918kiss customers can access real-money wagering content provided by major providers like Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Spade Gaming, WM, SA Gaming and Ezugi.

In addition, marketing initiatives are launched by 918kiss affiliates and agents through their own dot com sites.

Licensing and Certification

Even if licensing is not possible in most Asian countries, having a globally-recognized license to operate as an online casino is important. Bear in mind that Asian gamblers take precaution by trusting only licensed gambling websites that show proof of trustworthiness and game fairness via certification issued by an independent, third-party igaming regulator or watchdog.

As part of licensing requirements, all casino operators whether land-based or online, are required to set aside and maintain large amounts of cash reserves. The requirement serves as guarantee that operators have the capability to pay out winnings, especially large ones.

Moreover, duly registered operators pay licensing tariffs and taxes on revenues gained from their gambling operations. That is why licensing and regulatory certifications are the hallmarks that distinguish legitimate online casino businesses from scammers and rogue online gaming operators.

Sports Betting And Game Manipulation Affects Professional Sports

Sports betting and game manipulation – a billion dollar business that is increasingly becoming a problem for professional sports

Sports betting generates billions of dollars worldwide every day. For years, therefore, there have been many headlines that fraud is becoming an ever-greater problem. All of this exudes professional sports, which suffer from manipulation – either specifically through incidents or the possibility that cheating could occur. There are various attempts by individual associations and even many betting providers to contain criminal activity. It goes without saying that this is anything but easy. When it comes to money, limits are difficult to set.

Problems with gambling fraud in Asia

When gambling problems are reported, it is often said that the scammers are based in Asia. Official surveys prove this. It is a continent where a lot of money is spent. And the more money in circulation, the higher the risk of fraud. There is talk of a mafia. It is not limited to specific sports, but it is not limited to this continent. There are now effects worldwide. However, one should not believe that everything in terms of sports betting or casino is designed for fraud. Those who cheat belong to groups, but the individual little bettors are not part of the mafia. They are for the personal kick, to put it this way.

The European betting mafia

A betting mafia has long conquered Europe. There have been repeated cases of fraud in recent years. Different sports were also affected here, even football. The problem cannot be linked to specific nations, either in terms of the authors nor the fraudulent athletes. Whether people from the Balkans are responsible or from Belgium is only of secondary importance. They are criminal people who want to use their contacts in sport to influence sporting events. You make sure that a special incident occurs. The word incident can refer to a goal or a specific result. There are countless options. Money is bet and won in the end. And the profit is considerable.

Affected sports and how to deal with the problem

Football is a particular focus in the area of ​​sports betting. Football is played worldwide and millions of times, which increases the chances of smaller and larger scams. Only one player has to agree to make a mistake for a certain amount of money, for example. And you can bet on this mistake. Basically, this can be applied to any sport. If you don’t make a lot of money, you’re more vulnerable than someone who has millions in your account. Of course there are official bodies that deal with this problem. If the bookmakers find that a special sporting event is going to cost a lot of money, contrary to all tendencies, they will become aware. A kind of radar was created, the bookmakers cooperate with each other. It is possible that the relevant markets will be closed. Or those who invest a lot of money do not get their money and have to verify themselves. The groups that cheat rarely work with their own names. Or they have straw men. And those who cannot prove that a lot of money could be used may not receive the payout. This does not change the actual fraud, because it affects the entire sport.

Bet with a trusted gambling site from Asia. Check out So far, tested to be among the trusted gambling sites that provides only the best entertainment in the gambling industry.

Why Online Casino Like Vslots88 Is A Good Business To Start

Vslots88 is the most trusted and largest betting website in Indonesia offering online poker, online slots, the roulette, dice online, baccarat, as well as other casino games and live casino. Vslots88 is also a bookie for online soccer gambling, cockfighting, and one of the football dealerships in Indonesia. They offer 24-hour professional online support and customer service reachable through telephone, live chat, or SMS.

With the Internet and technology that unceasingly develops, a lot of online casinos like the vslots88, are becoming increasingly more popular than of the physical or land-based casino. With the pandemic affecting various countries around the globe, players would now rather join an online gambling website to stay safe as well as for other reasons

Why Online Casino Is A Good Business To Start

With the increase of players around the globe, a lot of entrepreneurs and other individuals are now opting to start an online casino. Moreover, online gambling businesses are now seeing more advantages than the drawbacks. The following are some reasons online casinos are a good business.

Entertaining Customers is Easier

Physical casinos provide whatever they could to keep their customers entertained. But this can’t be likened with an online or virtual casino that could basically be a personal entertainment room to a player. After players register and create an account on their chosen online gaming platform, they will definitely expend a huge amount of time there compared to a land-based casino.

Online casino promotions are updated by owners just about on a daily basis which could be claimed by their players. These promotions and bonuses could be very worthwhile and so creating a solid relationship between the player and the gambler. In many circumstances, online casinos offer rewards and promotions to players who make more deposits and play frequently.

More Player Winnings, More Casino Profit

In terms of diversity as well as the number of available betting machines, online casinos have more of these than land-based casinos as they don’t require any betting machines or tables for casino table games. Since the casino games are directly uploaded into the casino site, the process is much faster and easier, as well as bring more earnings and winnings for the player. Since more players join, make more deposit and play more frequently, online casino owners profit more.

Advertising is Easier

An effective strategy for marketing is at all times a major element to any type of business. Online casinos, in this case, need to identify your competitors, leading online casinos as well as what they offer and provide their players. When the site has been launched and players begin to join, advertising becomes a crucial element for success. Digital advertising is far cheaper than print ads. Moreover, you could expand your client base through effective SEO strategies making it easier for potential clients to find your online gambling site.

Less Expenses

Unlike a land-based casinos, operating an online gambling website is easier and with less expenses as you have a small number of employees, no physical space to pay rent or utility bills, no betting machines, tables and chairs to purchase, as well as other things needed to in a physical casino.

How Casino and Gambling can Teach You about Business?

In any business venture that you take into, there will and always be some kind of risks. To enjoy the rewards, it is necessary among business owners to take risks. Most of the time, the bigger the reward, the bigger the risks. With this being said, how should an entrepreneur must proceed in gaining practical experience and learn at the same time towards risks.

Normally, entrepreneurs never jump into an investment without taking a calculated risk annually. Meaning to say, it will take years before gaining experience and also, practice when it comes to risk assessment. In the world of gambling on the other hand, it lets us learn by taking tons of risks on a single day.

The next lines discussed some lessons that we could learn from different kinds of gambling.

Casino Games              

Virtually any type of gambling teaches you different lessons about rewards and risks. With some types of gambling, you largely depend on luck or chance while others types lets you wait until odds begin to stack in your favor. Being an entrepreneur, you have to be vigilant to the type of bet you will be taking as well as the risks to your capital.

If odds are in your favor, then you should be ready to take risks on the capital. Otherwise, you can still push on your investment but only invest a small amount of it. So for example, you have to weigh odds of your investment like in an online casino.

You may offer free spins no deposit required keep your winnings. While this is somehow money going out, the fact that it will generate more people and traffic to your casino means more business and higher chances to bag home profits. That is the kind of risk and reward you must take into consideration.


If you follow the path of successful poker players, then you will notice that things do not always go the way they planned. Every seasoned player is aware about this. It’s the same reason why you should never risk that much on a single decision that being wrong could wipe them out.

These players are aware that by playing hundreds of hands in the long run, stick to a strategy and be disciplined, their reward would soon follow. Of course, they know as well that if they become careless and lose too much, they will not be able to keep on playing and their payday would never see the light of day.

Gambling as a Business – Loss of Control and Billions of Profit

The gambling industry is a billion-dollar business for providers. Much of the turnover is made in the unregulated area. The players bear the risk.

After 23 years as a player, Volker Brümmer stood on the tracks, the farewell letters were written. “I didn’t just gamble away money, but all social contacts – almost my life in the end.” At the low point of his player biography, with 300,000 euros in debt, the tiler changed his mind. Today the 50-year-old is dry, as he calls it. And talks openly about his past.

Brümmer is still a child when he first plays. At a rest area, he throws Grandma’s pocket money into a machine. The two marks never came out. “It was the first time I lied to my parents about playing.” Years later he will tell stories to bank employees – and also empty his daughter’s savings book.

Pathological Gamblers

Studies state that denying on the subject of gambling is a characteristic of gambling addicts. In respect to estimations, there are 200,000 pathological gamblers in Germany and roughly, there are around 300,000 problematic players.

77% of gamblers who go to outpatient therapies or treatment centers gamble on machines. This emerges from the 2017 addiction help statistics of the Institute for Therapy Research.

The truthful threshold of unlawful gambling

“Once a month, that’s where it started,” says Brümmer. “In the end, I played on 20 machines at the same time in arcades. The loss of control is limitless.” Brümmer plays the last three years of addiction from home, on the Internet. “Open 24 hours 365 days a year – a paradise for every player.”

Casinos and Poker online (Situs Judi Online) are part of the non-regulated gambling sector. This includes gambling deals that often have no license. A lot of it really is tolerated.

The unregulated market is booming

Out of the billions of income (roughly 14.2 billion euros) made by gambling companies in 2017, 22 percent comes from the non-regulated and this includes sports betting online. The statistics were provided by the twelve-monthly statement of the national gaming bodies. The legal sector grew only by 1 % compared to the previous year (157 million), the non-regulated sector has grown by 24 % (626 million).

The government is presently discussing a change in Gambling laws. The launch of the sports betting sector is on the way. On the other hand, gambling online will remain restricted.

Protection of players through personnel and new measures

Georg Stecker, the spokesman for the board of the German Automata Industry (DAW), is in favor of a countrywide biometric access program. According to the association, around 278,000 cash-operated play equipment is installed nationwide – 82,000 of which are not in arcades, but in catering establishments.

According to gambling researcher Becker, there is no survey of how much revenue is due to gambling addicts. Brümmer sometimes gambled thousands of euros in one night. He needed 18 months of therapy. So far, he has managed eleven years without a relapse. This is not a matter of course, as he knows from many stories. The 50-year-old is now leading a self-help group for players.

Online Casinos: How it Operate and Lives in this Modern World?

Among the well-loved benefits of consumers have for online businesses is the fact that they have less overhead compared to brick-and-mortar stores. This in return has a significant impact on their revenue and thus, be able to pass on the savings made to clients. Online business does not have to hire plenty of staffs to keep it operational, rent out premises while avoiding the costs associated with insurance and utilities.

But how things are when it comes to online casino such as Dewa898. Such business requires decent investment in an effort for it to run 24/7. Let us take a closer look.


The thing with online casinos compared to its land-based counterparts is that, they need less staffing with regards to waiters and bar tenders. Still though, they have to pay for a humongous team in keeping things in order. This includes the following people:

  • Customer service representatives to assist client issues
  • Technical support who works 24/7 to ensure that there’s no hiccup in the site’s operation
  • Managers to keep things in place


Let us face the fact that the world we live in now is fierce and so competitive. This is the exact same reason why online casinos pour serious sum of money in getting the best people to do the marketing on their behalf and promote their site to get more customers. Easily, this is one of the largest expenses that an online casino can ever have.

Server and Domain

Any businesses that are operating in the online realm need hosting or server and this too comes with a price. With the amount of data that a business like this needs, most likely buys their own server instead of renting space using a 3rd party service. This additionally incurs costs on a monthly basis. Of course, the more people signs up and play on their website, the more server space will be consumed.

Financial Fees

With the amount of money that is changing hands in the casino along with the big volume they make on a daily basis, they’ll incur several costs from various financial institutions to make sure that their finance is properly managed.

In addition to that, online casinos need to pay for the currency charges if they have accepted multiple currencies. Moreover, they need to pay for the costs associated to insurance to keep their money secure and safe.

On top of all that, online casinos are expected to pay hefty amount of fee on accountants and lawyers to guarantee that they’re doing everything in line with the law and also, in line with the legal changes happening and will happen.

Looking For The Perfect Casino Like The Agua Caliente Casino Resort

best reputable casinoThe Agua Caliente Casino Resort has received a great deal of positive reviews. They are situated in a very convenient location with a sizable gambling floor where you get the play numerous table games and slot machines. Not only do they provide fun in their gambling floor, but also have a full-service spa where you could treat and spoil yourself, excellent entertainment in awesome entertainment venues, mouthwatering dishes as well as a friendly and accommodating service.

Such facilities and services are the reason why many people are drawn to land based casinos like the Agua Caliente Casino Resort, which is a great and significant thing not only for the business but also for the overall gambling and gaming industry.

Looking for the Best Casino

Although there is an increase in the use of online gambling sites, many still opt to visit a land base casino for the real deal. However, with so many casino to choose from, you may have a difficult time looking for the right one for you to have a great overall experience and get your money’s worth. To help in your search, below are some tips to consider and assist you in choosing the right and best land based casino.

search for the best casinoFacilities and Services Provided

Everybody wants the best and most excellent services, however not all casinos provide such outstanding service. Since the internet is now a great source of information, you could use it to search and know what facilities and services a certain casino provides.

Games Offered

Land based casinos include various kinds of casino games. But, casinos, whether land based or online,  aren’t able to offer every kind of games. So, know which types of games are available and offered by the casino of your choice. Check out the casino’s portfolio. If it doesn’t have the kind of game you are looking for, you might want to consider another venue, or look into the facilities and services of that casino which are worthwhile even if it doesn’t offer the game you desire.


Look for reputable casinos. Clearly, casinos with a good reputation also have a good level of reputation in the market. This is principally based on the services provided and offered.

Look into Reviews

In today’s modern age, many rely on reviews to get a good overall idea on how great a product, a service or an establishment is. They are becoming more relevant and are a great source of information. However, make certain your source is genuine.

The Risk With Gambling and Business

Risk and gamble seem to be the same thing. In fact, in the business world, a risk is defined as the contrast of gambling. Meanwhile, gambling depends on chance, whether it is a calculated one.

The difference between gambling and business risk

In the succeeding paragraphs, the two words are clearly defined to be able to have a precise understanding of the difference between these two concepts.


Gambling means pursuing any effort of an opportunity for a wager. Moreover, it is also defined as something to venture money on a result coming from a pure chance.

Business risk

On the other hand, business risk is the opportunity of a company that will create profits which is generally lower than what is expected. The risk in business may also mean a total or complete loss. Furthermore, this type of risk is inevitable by several factors.

Factors that may change or influence the risk of business include the economic climate, competitions, and others. Knowing this, we may say that both gambling and business risk are generally similar, yet they are really not.

There are a number of similarities when it comes to the definition of these two terms. However, various differences are also available to separate them.

The Free Slot Games in Canada as an Example

The Royal Vegas online casino is the current biggest online slots site located in Canada. Similar to Sand Casino Gazhua that can be found in 예스카지노, Royal Vegas offers a huge range of online games. Online slots and other types of casino games are included in the said games.


When it comes to business, gambling is defined as something to put on an idea, and knowing everything will turn out well. The worst thing about it is deciding to gamble because it is done by others. This simply means that gambling is a total risky kind of business that gets along with longer probabilities.


Further, taking the business side again, the absolute risk is categorized as an entrepreneurialism type. Entrepreneurship is organizing and managing an enterprise. Moreover, entrepreneurs handle their own fate which they call “shots”. 


Prior to taking a risk, entrepreneurs will confine all the facts and analyze everything from various points of view. Aside from the traits that entrepreneurs and gamblers share, both the entrepreneur and gambler consider that there are really no assurances in life regardless of the number of precautions one can acquire. The chance of failure is still high and this is true when it comes to both business risk and gambling

Advantages of Playing Poker QQ online

basically transforming a lot of players from all over the world.

Imagine where they can no longer travel to a place or two to compete with rivals because finally, they can now do it online. They can compete with the experts, the beginners, the novice, and even those who are just curious to try.


Which in fact, being “just curious” is not a thing when it comes to playing in a real casino. There are also no bonus games that allow you to win real cash and jackpots. While online, they have… and actually more than just that.


What are those advantages and benefits? Keep on reading for more…

The Amazing Advantages of Poker QQ

Number one- poker can extremely save you money. I mean, a lot of good value money. Unlike in a live casino, where you only stop when your cash and bankrolls run out. In an online casino, it helps you take in control of your cash and money. And even, it lets you save money and use it as an income too. This is because of a lot of bonuses game you can play online.


It also gives you the benefit of no longer having to wait for other players to finish, or wait for a playing table to finish. Through online, you will just be in the queue for a couple of minutes then for the next minute, you are on your game.


And more importantly, because online casinos are way more convenient than those of live casinos or actual casinos. On online, you can play your games and enroll in tournaments any time of the day and anywhere, everywhere you wanted. Whether you want to play poker qq in your bedroom with your pajamas or feel fancy on your comfortable sofa with wine or in your workplace during your break time.


Unlike in an actual casino, online casino or gambling does not require you to make hassle efforts just so you and your friends or rivals can play. Online makes it easier and convenient for you.

Before Deciding to Play in Online Casinos

Are you into online gambling and happens to live in the US? Assuming that you are living in a state where it is legal, then you’ll get protection via your individual state. You can also be protected on federal level. Arguably, laws similar to the UIGEA are designed to provide protection among consumers from issues including but not limited to:

  • Money laundering
  • Theft
  • Terrorism

It’s what Rules are for

This is because of the reason that if you wish to become an operator in US, you ought to pass strict restrictions and of course, follow the law set by your state. So to give you an example, there are tasks or rules that operators have to finish similar to:

  1. Operators must possess geo-target technology. This is to ensure that only customers within the territory of their state could play at their website.
  2. They have to offer an option for self-exclusion so players may take cooling off period or stop playing if they seem to have gambling issue.
  3. Provide controls so players may put a limit onto themselves and prevent them from spending too much.
  4. At the same time, operators should pay for a license to operate and other related fees.
  5. Gambling sites have to verify players to be of legal age and has to have a tried and tested software.

Well basically, there are many other rules that come with this. But all of which are designed in eliminating rogue operators.

If you are planning to play in America, then make everything easier for yourself by joining in gambling sites that are approved by US. Else, you will have to solely rely on what online casinos have to offer.

This is how Online Casinos should React

The online casinos itself would be your last defense against hackers, scam artists and crooks. If you make your choices smartly, then the casino will do anything and everything to protect you from the said entities. There are several strategies that these sites are using to ensure a fair and secure game to its clients.

Under no circumstances will the online casino site allows you to play. This is regardless of how much emails you send to them or how much you beg or try to persuade them. Once a decision has been concluded, consider it final. Speaking of decisions, once you are banned, online casinos such as Sbobet will be removing you from their marketing lists. While others, particularly those operating in US would exclude you from the list.

Finding the Best Online Poker Site

Do you wanted to find the best situs poker online?

Since the online gambling trend boom in the web, online casino and playing online poker has become a real thing for most players. Gone are the days when people look for a nearby local casino to play, or call a couple of friends to team and play with. Because finally, they can now experience a real casino game online.

The best online poker sites are not that many. You have to make sure that when you check in a site, they will ensure and guarantee that you’re playing a game that’s reliable and can be trusted.

There are a lot of characteristics you have to consider in choosing a legit poker online, here are some aspects you have to take into account.


Make sure that you thoroughly check the background of the site. Look on the complete data of the site including the recent feedbacks from their players. Or reviews. You can also get some results on Google, there will be some articles reviewing the sites.

It’s important that you consider checking their background to make sure that the site is reliable in giving you your prizes and can be trusted in holding your money.

2. Check the bonus game

The most online casino has a bonus game. Wherein you can play for free as a trial for a certain game. If you win, you can use winning tokens to apply for a real game without withdrawing cash. That must be an indicator that they are reliable in giving real cash prizes and jackpots. 

3. The security

Every player must be safely secured. A reliable site has a strong security system where they will keep important information secured. Also, your bank accounts and money that you have a deposit. 


Traits That Entrepreneurs And Gamblers Share

Entrepreneurs gained their riches through their thriving businesses, whereas there are those who earned their wealth through professional gambling. As both seem to share several traits that brought them success, this have led to many comparing entrepreneurs and gamblers.

For instance, Joker123 is an online gambling game that offer outstanding opportunities to individuals in search of huge wins as well as profits. It is regarded as one of the top casino games online. Just like any other casino games, players have to learn and understand the rules of the game in order better play it and win. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, before playing their cards in a business have to learn and understand everything about it as well to be successful.

Come to think of it, successful business people and leading card players actually have so much in common. Both are risk-takers, make bluffs as well as take into account the timing of each move that they make to guarantee success.

Risk Takers

One trait that both entrepreneurs and gamblers share that is quite evident is their readiness to take on risks. But, the manner on how you perceive the risk creates the difference. Both could take any amount of risk to hopefully gain something out of it.

Entrepreneurs bet on their capabilities, on their capacity to figure out the market and deliver goods and/or services that will surely sell. Business is a gamble. If they succeed, they look for more ways to expand and remain successful. If they fail, they look for other ways that would hopefully lead them to success.

Gamblers risk money depending on the action of others or the outcome of something. For instance, a gambler may wager on sporting events based on a team’s win-loss statistics. Poker players have to learn to read their adversaries for them to recognize bluffs and make the right moves.

Knowledge and Experience

Successful gamblers and businesspersons are good researchers. Although the phrase is overused, successful entrepreneurs and gamblers did do their research and have plenty of experience to be successful.

When starting a business, entrepreneurs have to hit the books to learn everything about the business, study strategies and apply them to test their effectivity. Any individual who would want to venture into a business and continue to be relevant in the market, one need to have correct and relevant info on the industry, investors, as well as on goods and services. With relevant knowledge, it would be easy for entrepreneurs to grab hold of potential customers, and ultimately success.

Gamblers, like entrepreneurs, also have to learn and understand how a game is played. When gambling, one does not only rely on luck. It is also imperative that gamblers learn effective strategies to win. Moreover, many successful gamblers have also experienced losses which they have learned from.

How The Gaming Industry Is Revolutionizing Bingo Games

Gaming bingo has been entertaining people since 1929. Bingo has become popularized by travel salespeople who applied it in the game ‘Beano’, where beans were used to cover the numbers on the card. As we enter the era of the internet, Bingo is now also made available online much like other gambling sites like casinos and sports betting.

These online games are also made available to many countries and encouraged membership from many participants. In Korea, a favorite place for casino goers is 1xbet. Check out 1xbet membership for more information. 

Bingo Gaming Online

In traditional bingo, announcers call out letters and number combinations in open halls. When you fill 5 consecutive squares on a 5×5 grid card, the player calls out ‘Bingo’. Many companies have brought Bingo to an online platform. In addition to providing an online gaming platform and relevant information has also spread throughout the internet to educate readers. 

Here are insider secrets about how Bingo Companies made it successfully online

Attract the attention of first-time players online. It is important to attract the attention of first-time visitors. Carve out simple, short, and effective action request buttons. There are also bingo sites that offer no deposits so that the player will have a golden chance to win up to 900 points in the first 3 days. 

Limited time offers. Regardless of the business, offering a limited time offer gets a lot of favor in the market. It is more desirable if something comes out with a limited time offer. It attracts more customers through the door. It is also nice to offer seasonal benefits to members. 

Customer trust and business growth. Business growth is possible when there is customer trust. You cannot succeed without customer support. Trust the solid foundation of a successful business. You will have enough opportunities to build long-term relationships with trust. Without trust, you can’t stand up even in today’s competitive market. 

Take advantage of technological advances. Today, people access online information through their smartphones. And therefore, many companies who launched electronic Bingo offered eBingo mobile so that people don’t have to sit in narrow places to play the game. They have free access to bonuses and best gaming software on the go.

Overcome the negative image of gambling

It can be said that the traditional mindset of people with a customer base of 9,00,000+ or ​​more has been changed to online games. Companies in the gambling arena are not just there to make money although it’s quite obvious that it’s perhaps the goal of every business institution. But as more people have joined gambling online, these companies have also generously donated to several charities and support as many as research projects for the welfare of the people.

Much more, these gambling institutions also help in boosting the present economy. While these companies are aware of the negative effects of gambling, they too support institutions like GamCare which gives support and counseling to problem gamblers.


The Big Business Of Gambling Despite Laws That Governs It

Gambling is enjoying increasing popularity and income. Recently, “in” has also been particularly popular for placing bets on the Internet (see also The world’s leading online poker company “PartyGaming” will today go to the London Stock Exchange with 23 percent of its shares.

Economics of Gambling

Estimates of the price of these stocks fluctuate, but according to a Reuters report dated June 15, earnings of around $ 2.1 billion are expected. This amount is lower than originally thought due to concerns about the legality of online gaming in the United States. PartyGaming, founded in 1997, has up to 70,000 online customers at peak times and reported tax returns of $ 222 million in the first three months of this year. Operating profit was $ 128 million, 81 percent more than last year.

Gambling is currently experiencing a “boom” in general, and not just on the Internet. According to the June 4 Guardian, UK gaming industry sales rose to £ 78 billion ($ 141 billion) last year. Losses suffered by players also rose sharply last year to £ 78 billion ($ 141 billion), averaging around £ 400 ($ 727) per working person.

Italians are also becoming increasingly enthusiastic about gambling. The daily “La Stampa” reported on December 3, 2004, that the Italians were expected to have wagered € 23.1 billion in government-run games of chance by the end of the year – around $ 27.9 billion. These games of chance included a wide variety of lotteries, as well as football and horse betting. The amount corresponds to two percent of the gross domestic product. It has risen sharply in recent years. In 2000, bets would have been “only” 14.3 billion euros ($ 17.3 billion).

Gambling Benefits The Government

Governments are among the biggest beneficiaries of the gambling explosion. For example, in Canada, according to the January 6 Globe and Mail, government-sponsored gambling revenue in 2003 exceeded $ 11.8 billion ($ 9.5 billion). The revenue would have quadrupled in the past decade.

On June 15, London’s Telegraph reported that in the UK, lottery ticket sales were increasingly being used for “normal” government spending, rather than being “for a good cause” or cultural projects, as promised, when the lottery was set up just over 10 years ago. Last year, according to the Telegraph, a third of the government’s lottery revenue – over £ 430m ($ 782m) – was spent on ongoing health, education and environmental expenditures.

In the United States, governments in some states are increasingly dependent on gambling earnings, the New York Times reported on March 31. In Rhode Island, South Dakota, Louisiana, Oregon, and Nevada, income from a variety of forms of gaming accounted for more than 10 percent of all government revenue. Other states, such as Delaware, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa and Mississippi, are close to the 10 percent mark.

In South Dakota, where gambling income accounts for 13.2 percent of total federal income, lawmakers would cut applications for restrictions because it is difficult to find alternative sources of income.